NaNoWriMo Bundle!

NaNoWriMo Bundle!


The ULTIMATE NaNoWriMo printable! All of the elements from both printables all in one location.

This printable includes:

  • October Monthly Spread with Dates and Days of the Week

  • A To-Do List for everything you need to do during October to take advantage of #Preptober

  • Character sheets GALORE!

  • Plot and Structure help with space and headers for plotting in your BuJo

  • Settings Worksheet to help you discover every sensory image possible about your settings

  • Scene Checklist to keep you on track with each scene you write

  • World building prompts to help with the construction of every aspect of your world

  • Monthly spread to keep you on track during NaNo with days of the week.

  • Word count tracker graph to keep you on point

  • Word count tracker table to help you collect your data

  • Scene checklist to make sure each scene is exactly what it needs to be

  • DAILY writing prompts to help you every step of the way

  • Month end Journaling prompt to help you process your experience

  • Writer at work sign to post, so your friends and family know what you need from them

  • Daily Journaling prompts so you can process each day how you are doing with the event

  • 60 badges to help with every achievement along the way!

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