Chapter 22

Parker toddled from his bed room and waved to his mom, mumbling something about coffee and eggs. 

“Parker.” His Mom was sitting on the couch, dressed for work, ready to go, but not leaving. “Come here.”

“But coffee.” He pointed to the kitchen. 

“Your friends are in trouble. Get over here.” The adrenaline spiked him awake. He trotted to the couch and sat next to his mom. 

“These five have been charged with the assassination of Governor Appleby. If you know their whereabouts, please contact the number below.” The camera angle changed and the smiling female reporter continued to read from her prompter. The images of Parkers friends were still on the screen. “If you're just joining us, we are following the midnight breaking story of the assassination of Governor Appleby in governors mansion last night. Let's go to put analyst, Dave, to see what he things. Dave in your opinion…”

“Mom.” Parker turned to his mom who was pale and her eyes were welling with tears. “No. They didn't do this.”

“I know they didn't sweetheart.” His Mom rubbed his upper arm. “Did you talk to any of them last night? Anything at all? So that you can help prove they didn't do anything and can be exonerated?”

“No.” Parker shook his head. “I thought about calling Leo but I knew she'd be out. And Alex always goes to bed early. I haven't seen them since a few days ago. We met for video game and crap cereal night.” They'd played Halo, eaten sugar for dinner, and had cracked up Parker at every time  Alex had hit him with he rocket launcher. It had been awesome. Like old times. Like before IJS. 

“I wish you had.” His mom shook her head. “But what's done is done. They are innocent and it'll be proven that way.”

And Mom left for work. Parker kept the TV on as he made coffee and breakfast. He stared at his phone, wondering if he dared call Leo or Alex. Neither of them would have their old number active anymore. Not if they were smart. They were probably already on burners. 

He sighed and dialed Leo’s number anyway and was met with the out of service tone. As was Maya’s and Alex’s and Ray’s.

He tried to think about their next steps., to think what he woke do in their situation. But he kept tripping up on his own thoughts. If they were innocent, why were they running? If they had done nothing wrong, why not wait it out until they had evidence enough to be proven right? 

Unless someone had told them something else. Something had been uncovered that incriminated one or more of them. 

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