Chapter 18

“Is it true that on the 19th of September 2009, you broke into the Social Security Administration’a severs a total 3,047 times?”

“How could I have possibly done that?”

“From what we know it's called a…” the officer peered at his file, trying to interpret the tech language into English. “A DDOS attack.”

“That's odd. I've heard of those, being in the website building game. You can take down whole servers like that.” She grinned. “Never done it. And never done it to Social Security. Why would someone want to do that?”

“Maybe to plant fake identities among the noise and information dump. Says here that 35 gigabytes of data was dumped on the server at once. And then three extra files were found. Too late to do anything of course. They appear to be your boyfriend, your sister, and your secret identities.”

“Ha!” Leo barked her laughter. “Like we are super heroes or something?”

“Do you think you're a super hero?” The officer leant forward, stylus poised to take notes. Leo put on her best fake crazy person smile. 

“Yes.” She said. “I'm Miss Wonder Captain from the planet Jupiter, and I'm studying human ways while also taking a BITE OUTTA CRIME!” She punched the air and struck a super hero pose, or did her best while shackled to the steel table. 

“This is no joke, Miss Gosling.” The officer gathered up his tablet while another IJS soldier brought in a tray with some food. 

“Not a joke?” Leo dug into her hysterical side just a bit. “You're accusing me of assassination, cyber terrorism, and weapons trafficking! What part of this IS A JOKE?”

The officer just left, the soldier placed the tray on the table and backed out. Leo looked down at the sad microwaved burrito, sugar preserved peaches, and horrific smelling coffee.  

“I don't want your illuminati burrito, either!” She shouted at the camera. “I WILL NOT ASSIMILATE!” 

She shut her face quickly as she heard the shouting coming from outside her room. There was clattering of booted feet, glass smashing, weapons firing.

“Hehehehehe.” She grinned, resisting the urge to rub her hands together. She was glad they hadn't checked her shoes. She pulled off the fake heel of her motorcycle boots and pulled out a lock-picking kit. These guys were idiots. 

The handcuffs were different from the ones she'd practiced on, but it didn't take her long with either the hands or the feet. By the time her door hurst open, she was free and pulling off her other fake heel, which contained a small knife and a pocket taser.

She panicked and flipped the table, huddling behind it waiting for gun fire. 

“It's me, Leo! It's Ray!”

“Ray?” She peeked her head above the table and spied the dark hairs awkward young boy. “Ray!” She squealed and ran out from behind the table. She almost slipped and fell on spilled peaches and burrito in her haste to hug him. He hugged her back, awkwardly. 

“How are the others?” She asked.

“Maya and Sam got snatched, too?” Ray asked. Leo nodded. “From what I can tell, so did Alex.”

“Damn.” Leo swore. “Only us out, so far?” 

“Yep.” Ray nodded and looked down. “Where did you get that taser?”

“I have a fake boot…”

“No.” Ray shook his head. “I know all your boots heels are fake and packed with stuff. Any idiot can tell that. I'm surprised they didn't take it. No, as in, where did you get it?”

“Oh!” Leo smiled. Ray was too smart. “Underground retailer. But we can swap shoe stories later. Let's bust the others out before they fill us with holes. 

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