Chapter 44

Leo stepped from her shower, warm and feeling so happy. They had been rinsing with hot water and rinsing their clothes with them, having to let them dry by hairdryer while naked and cold, but no soap. Soap was a magical thing, she could see why so many people were so in favor of it.  She was dry and feeling good in clean clothes, feeling refreshed after several days of crying over her dead friend. 

Parker. He'd been such a good ball. So silly and hopeful for his future, ready to take on the world after his time in the military. He'd come back saying he shops write a book. And then the military had sent him paperwork to sign saying that he wouldn't, threatening his pension. He'd shut his mouth and hadn't written anything down. He'd been struggling a bit after that, but had seemed hopeful. 

She sat down at her computer, opening the files on Alex’s brainwashing m, yet again. She hadn't touched them since the day Piwitti had called. Maybe she had enough wits to find something. Ray was across the table from her, soldering away at a lovely looking circuit board.

She took a moment to admire his handiwork, the even and efficient use of the space and the wire and transformers, like a piece of poetry on green coated copper. 

Okay. Do your work. Don't get distracted. Time to work. 

These files were so dry and so hard to dig through manually. Luckily, she'd been able to formate the files in such a way she could see the creation date and sort it by that. She started looking in January. She couldn't remember the exact dates, but January would be a good place to start. 

Each thing of note she highlighted and put into a notes folder. It was long and tedious work, better suited to someone who had a knack for administrative work. Parker. No. No. Don't think about him. Keep reading. Keep working. Best way to make sure he was avenged, if his killer went to jail. 

There, in a memo sent from Piwitti to one of the doctors was an order to give Alex a drug called Effexor . She looked it up on the internet and it was just an anti-depressant.  Though her charts had shown she was sad, the doctors hadn't out rightly said she was suffering from depression. And yet the psychologist was prescribing a strong antidepressant in a high dose. 

Leo dig around a bit more, trolling through data. She finally found it, buried in a deep list of side effects. Psychosis and paranoia were two known symptoms of the drug, especially in big doses and if the patient didn't have a chemical imbalance that was causing the depression. 

Bingo. There was the psychosis trigger. Where was the rest of it?

It was in a memo a few days later, the doctor had ordered her to be given a therapeutic treatment of Midazolam. She looked it up and it appeared to be a muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety medication. But it had the added bonus of being used to suppress long term memory storage. There it was. Done. The memo referenced a procedure with a number and sub number.

Leo dug through her files. She had to have dug out a couple files on those procedures, hadn't she? Did the file say anything about this procedure other than the drug?

No. No files and no notes in the files she had pertaining to Alex. She could keep digging around in the mountains of data she had, or she could go and find the file in IJS’s database. 

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