Chapter 41

“You BITCH!” Leo shouted at the screen. “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I know.” Ray said and sat down next to Leo on the couch. “Good afternoon, Doctor. She used to run the IJS CSD and, as far as I know, she still runs the psychology department for the IJS, because the CSD department got shut down.”

“That’s redundant.” Piwitti corrected. Two IJS soldiers were dragging Parker’s body off screen, leaving his brains on the bookshelves and his blood on the floor. “If you say that, then it’s ‘Child Soldier Division Department’.”

“You’re going to argue redundancy after you shot our friend in the face to make a point?” Leo shouted at the screen. She just felt like shouting lots. She felt like doing was Maya was doing, curled up on the floor and sobbing. She couldn’t, she had to breathe and find out what this psychopath wanted, even though Parker was dead.

“I’m going to show you that I am in control of this situation. Not you.” Piwitti smiled. “I can get to whoever you love and I can kill them. Me. Not a laky or an assassin. Me. I will pull the trigger. I can get into your computer without you knowing and make it do whatever I want. I am that good. And I will keep doing it as you reveal what devices you have. That’s how serious I am.”

“Serious about what?” Leo was getting frustrated with her not getting to the point.

“Serious about you coming home and facing justice for what you did to Governor Appleby.”

“Yeah.” Leo was dead pan, now. She had no room for any other emotion. “No. We didn’t kill her and you just shot one of my best friends. I’m not getting anywhere close to your crazy ass. It’s a good thing we left dodge. Russia is great. I think I’m going to stay here forever. Putin seems like a cool guy. Other than the Tzar thing.”

“Let me make this clear to you.” Piwitti stepped closer to the camera. “Either you get your nerdy little ass on a plane and come back to the states to face the music, or the next person who will get a bullet will be someone’s parents. I haven’t decided who, yet.”

“See,” Leo steepled her fingers, spotting her anti-worm software blinking. Got her. “That’s where I have trouble believing you. See, I can see Alex and Ray’s mommy on the news right now. From what I can see, she really believes her kids are innocent. And if she shows up mysteriously dead, the media is going to pick up on that. And then there’s our parents. Now. I don’t know where they are and frankly, I don’t care. They left us to die after they got too depressed about the economy. But I bet that there are plenty of networks who have people who’re just as good at finding people as your people are. But there are more of them. They will find them first.

“And then, there’s Sam’s parents. He doesn’t have any. He does have a pack of uncles who raised him. But they are nomads. And they are probably only semi-easy to find. And they trust the media and the government about as far as they can throw them. Which is pretty far, from the stories I’ve heard. So, you have no leg to stand on. The very fact you killed someone close to us means that you are desperate and don’t care who dies to make sure your mistakes stay under wraps.” Leo was smiling, the anti-worm software was doing exactly what it was programmed to do. 

Piwitti’s face had fallen, she had thought she could pull the wool over Leo’s eyes and make her panic. Nice try, bitch.

“Oh.” Leo smiled, her cursor hovering over the hang up button. “And by the way; you may want to check on your computers. They look a little warmer than they should.” The video began to glitch as Pitwitti’s face broke into panic. The image tore laterally, jumping frames backward and forward. Piwitti frozen in shouting panicked orders to someone off screen.

Leo grabbed the computer and began typing madly once again. She dug her way past Piwitti’s security, took out the rest of the worm and planted three decoy worms of her own, even as the fans over the processors for her main units stopped working and let the little silicon wonders overheat, melting into the circuits. She slapped one more real trojan into a back up server, and disconnected quickly. She leant back with a sigh and let her own tears flow. She sobbed and felt Sam’s presence on the couch next to her. He gently took the closed laptop out of her hands and cradled his head in her hands. And she howled

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