Chapter 38

Alex bounced on the balls of her feet, waiting for her turn to dash out the door. Well, not dash; never run in the presence of twitchy policemen, they tended to chase you even if you didn’t fit their description at all. She had to walk she had to be calm, she had to…

A heavy hand fell on her shoulder.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

And it all just happened, like a well rehearsed dance number. She grabbed his hand off her shoulder spinning as she held it firmly, he was facing away from her. She punched him twice in the spine and kicked the back of his knee. He fell harshly to the floor and she kicked him as hard as she could in the temple. Two more TSA moved on her, not pulling the tasers she knew were on their belts. She ducked under two clumsy punches, hitting them in succession just under the sternum, in the cartilage filled part of the solar plexus. She heard them “whoof” with exhalation and she swept their legs out from under them with hers. They collapsed to the floor and she popped up, bouncing over them in light weight sneakers and careening out of the door. 

She was made, no doubt about it. So, now was the time to just run and not even think about it. Just get the hell out of this building and into the limo. She wasn’t sure how many people she knocked over in her haste to get out the door, it was probably about sixty, who knew. She was the last one to leave the corridors, the last to get to the limo. She saw it, parked and running. She heard the clatter of feet behind her and she dove out the doors, screaming as she went.

“Drive, damn-it! Drive, drive, drive!” The car began to pull away and she dove into the open door, almost landing in Ray’s lap. The limo picked up speed and she rolled as they hit a speed bump.

She started laughing, the adrenaline surging through her system with icy hot fire. She laughed and laughed, curled up on the floor of a speeding limo.

“Alex!” Maya shouted. “Get up and put on a seat belt, or be prepared to shoot out of the windows.” She tried to pull herself together, pull herself out of her giggle fit. But it was difficult. She stood to a crouch and plunked into an open seat.

“We don’t have weapons, do we?” Alex wiped tears out of her eyes.

“Please.” Maya said, her eyes were red, as if she’d been crying and her voice was husky. “This is one of my contacts.” She opened the mini-bar fridge to reveal uniform ranks of water bottles and soda bottles.

“Wait.” Maya stuttered. “The fuck?” She peered into the fridge, her eyes almost falling out of her head they were so wide.

“We’re in the wrong limo.” Leo put her head in her hands. “We have the IJS right up our skirt and we’re in the WRONG FREAKING LIMO?”

“We can make this work!” Maya said, digging through the fridge, getting up and lifting cushions in the car. “There’s got to be a way we can make this work!”

“Nope!” Leo shouted. “Our checked bags had our concealed weapons and they are in the BELLY OF THE PLANE WE JUST BUSTED OUR WAY OUT OF.”

“Ray!” Maya looked at him in desperation. “There has to be something in a limo that you can use to make some kind of weapon.”

“I can’t do anything!” Ray said. “I can’t just get to the gas take or something from here. I don’t even have anything to light it on fire!”

“There has to be alcohol in here.” Maya raged. “There’s always alcohol in a limo!”

“Negative on the booze.” Leo said, digging through the second mini-fridge.

“This is Theodor.” Sam said, knocking on the divider window. “The driver has to be armed.”

Alex looked behind them, the sirens and red vans still following close behind. It had been a good try.

“The driver doesn’t have a gun.” Sam sat back down, a smile plastered on his face. “But watch.” He pointed out the back window and they all turned to look. The red trucks and sirens were still there.

“What am I looking for, Sam?” Alex shook her head.

“Just wait for it.”

Three cars came out of a side street, Russian Army, and blocked the oncoming IJS cars in their tracks. The distance between them and the flashing patch in the late night St. Petersburg streets.

“What the holy hell was that?” Alex started bouncing up and down in her chair. The adrenaline still hadn’t calmed down.

“They IJS not only has no jurisdiction here,” Sam was smiling. “They strong armed the TSA people into letting them take over security and did it without the government’s permission. They all but invaded the airport. The military is taking it as a declaration of war. Even though they are trying to get to us.”

“Did we just cause an international incident?” Ray put his head in his hands. “Again?”

“Yep.” Sam was cracking up. “We started a war and we’ve been accused of assassination. All within a week. We are on a roll!”

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