Chapter 35

Parker made a sandwich and continued to watch the news. The good thing about not having a job was that he could watch the destruction of his friends reputation without interruptions. What a wonderful time to be alive, he thought to himself sickly. 

Root beer seemed the best choice to go with this sandwich, and there was a cold one up for grabs. He plunked down on the couch, still in Invader Aim jammie pants and a Doctor who shirt, and watched the news agencies attempt to psycho analyst his friends.

Ray they thought was an innocent little High School boy, just trying to impress his sister with some tricks he’d learned in the arsonists cook book. They showed some cute pictures of Ray, along with some reports from some people claiming to know him from school They all were shocked that such a cool quiet kid could think up such a thing. Though one girl did say “He always was weirdly quiet.”

Parker almost threw his sandwich at the TV in anger. He was quiet, bitch, because he was undiagnosed Asbergers. Duh. The kid was a genius, not that she would ever look twice at him.

Maya was a different story entirely, some of the talking heads wanted to weave her into the ring leader of the group, while others insisted it was Alex. No mater what, they all said the same thing; pretty, a smooth talker, and a typical early twenties girl. Who happened to run small arms running operation on the side to make money. The loved her, even if they thought she was a menace. She was a romantic figure.

Leo was also a bit romanticized. They thought she was too scary smart, with her computer skills, and her ability to find hard to reach weapons. But they romanticized her relationship with Samson too much; comparing the two of them to Bonnie and Clyde. Although, every couple who happened to catch the attention of the media was instantly turned into Bonnie and Clyde.

Sam was not the decorated hero they wanted him to be. He was dishonorably discharged. They even had his full wrap sheet. So, they made him out to be the lovable rogue; the bad boy with the thing for the nerd girl. The Han Solo. Parker scoffed. If only they knew. Sam was an asshole. Didn’t care about who he stepped on in pursuit of a joke. 

But they couldn’t know that, not without interviewing him and he’d been dodging calls from networks all day.

Alex, poor Alex, she was too shiny for them not to get their claws into her. They found her military records and that she’d been medically discharged. Someone from the psych department had even told them that she as damaged and had PTSD. Someone was trying to spin it like Alex was unhinged and had some sort of vendetta. 

But they all wanted to make her look like an angel. And how could they not? She was pretty and smart and could kick some serious ass. They needed her to make sure their theories of innocence made sense.

But all they wanted to do was have a hero. They didn’t care that their lives were being interrupted by this whole fiasco. Parker knew they were on the run and that had to be the most stressful thing any of them had ever done. It was annoying to him that they’d been forced into it. And now these vultures were trying to capitalize on it with a story, spin it so that the public couldn’t just leave it alone, leave his friends alone. No, now they would be recognized as they tried to get though airports, as people memorized their life stories.

There was a knock at the door and Parker sighed, standing to answer. He was annoyed that he’d gotten mustard on his shirt when he opened the door to see two IJS officers, standing erect.

“Mr. Moravis.” One of them said. Parker looked at his shoulder and frowned.

“That’s Leuitenant, sergeant.” He corrected and the soldier shrunk slightly. “How can I help you?”

“Your presence is required.”

“Where and by whom?”

“Dr. Piwitti. In Seattle, Sir.” Parker sighed and looked at his PJ’s. 

“Well, come on in as I pack a bag, will you?”

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