Chapter 17

Ray bit into his breakfast burrito, looking around his own interrogation room. The burrito was over salted and the sausage has the over abundant smell of fennel seed. Mealy potatoes and cheese by product sauce. It was a burrito that was trying so hard to be good that it had gone to the other side into “consumer meals”. 

The IJS men had picked him up at school, waiting for him as he had pulled up with his older sister, who had sobbed and promised to let Mom know. And that she knew he would never kill anyone and that they had this so wrong and that she would do everything she could to get him out.

He'd been questioned. Told things about Alex and Leo he'd already known. They'd even tried to intimidate him with the fact they knew his test score in school and his purchase history on the internet. Something about building bombs.

Oh he could build a bomb all right. Not necessarily from things in this very room. Someone would probably stop him before he could do anything with the fluorescent bulb and the hot sauce. And he could definitely do it with the things he currently had stashed in his room, his dads gun safe, and the contents of the under sink cupboard. 

But why would he want to? Where was the point? School was merely a distraction from his real studies, and a minor one at that. His sisters were all nice enough. They had bad days, but so did everyone. Alex was… Alex. There was no helping there. And he didn't really pay that much attention to the outside world, unless it was MIT or NASA, to really care what they got up to. Building a bomb to kill people sounded like a needless waste to time and human life. Humans who did, for the most part, make his life better. 

He shoved the last bite of his burrito into his mouth and looked around the room for a way out. He could get out, he just needed to think of a way. The two way window looked thick, too thick to break with anything in the room or anything they had given him on the breakfast tray. The door was obviously reinforced, probably not through the sheet rock, too. But you never knew. 

No, the weak point was still the window, that much was obvious. But how? And then what? It was obvious they had a least Alex, Leo, Maya, and Sam. Did they snag Parker, too? Probably not. Parker was almost useless, no point in grabbing him. 

Ray stood, he wasn't chained to the table, and looked at the glass, trying to be nonchalant. Just as he suspected, the sealant was peeling up. 

Maintenance on the door, on the glass, on the concrete and obvious camera; but the seal on the two way mirror had fallen into disrepair. He picked at it casually, looked away and scanned the rest of the room. He waved at the camera and the went and sat back down. He could bide his time. Just be patient. He didn't know what he would do when he got out, anyway. May as well drink a bit of water and think for a bit. Just let the brain work. He loved his brain. 

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