Chapter 31

Leo was plugged into her favorite new laptop, Herman being useless for now and therefore checked[ Zoe Fleischer, 11/20/16, 12:23 PM

He can’t be checked, because later they have to leave their checked baggage on the plane.], and she was beginning to sift through her new stack files. She started tagging them with custom filters, letting those filters get run through her lovely little software, which would pull up files it thought should go into her new files. Then she would approve or move it to a different file, the software would learn and all she had to do after a point was click yes or no and move. 

 It to was slow going for now, and a 34 hour flight time was going to help with all of this, she hoped. Also, executive class with the sleeping pod. Hells yes. The first flight was just to Seattle, and then O’Hare, but then… but then. Lufthansa. Friggin. Oh god. So excited. She was freaking ordering all the cocktails and so many cheese  plates while lounging in her little bed and working on some epic file management and watching so much Doctor Who! Utter bliss.  It was a bit of a red eye, but she could sleep when the computer finished its filter refinement. 

Sam came up, a large paper box in his hand and two cups of coffee. 

“Oh, no,” she sighed. “You bought a Cinnabon?”

“Hey,” he pointed a plastic fork at her. “It's be best part of flying.” He handed her he fork and pulled out a second, along with several packets of sugar and some creamer for their coffee. 

“No,” Leo said, doctoring up her coffee with sugar and creamer. “The best part of flying is the easy buzz at thirty thousand feet and the sitting in first class!”

“You're not excited about that at all,” Sam took a large bite out of the monster cinnamon roll. 

“What in the world gave you that idea?” Leo said. The coffee was terrible. But it was cheaper than the in terminal Starbucks. 

“Are you going to get food before we board?” Sam asked, through a mouthful of par-cooked dough. 

“Nah.” Leo shook her head. “I’ll wait. Coffee will be fine for now. Maybe a water. Where is Maya?”

“In the bathroom.” Sam shrugged. “She said something about her makeup.”

Leo spotted Ray and Alex, who made their way over and sat down. 

“Guys.” Leo shook her head, closing and putting away her lap top and hard drive. “We aren't supposed to talk until after we take off.”

“We will be fine.” Ray waved her off. “As long as we keep our mouths shut and act like normal people.”

“Have any idea how to be normal, Sam?” Leo asked her boy friend, who had half a cinnamon roll peeking out of his mouth. He managed a muffled “mmff mmmfff” and went back to attempting to chew. 

“Normal may not be on the cards for us.” Alex nodded. “Got it.” Leo spotted a security guard and shifted subjects, quickly. 

“I'm super looking forward to Russia, though!” Leo said in a chopper voice. “So much history to see!” Alex chimed in. 

“I know!” She waved her hands like an excited college girl. “I have all the guide books. I haven't read them, yet. But that's what plan rides are for!” The guard passes by, but Leo kept it up. 

“Oh my god! You can't even do homework when it's fun!”

“I know!” The guard must be out of earshot by now. 

“Holy shit.” Alex said, covering her reddening cheeks. “Never doing that again?”

“Hells yes.” Leo giggled and spotted Maya. Maya was practically stomping her way to the table. She pulled up a seat and plunked down. 

“You guys suck.” She sipped her water, peevishly. 

“What now?” Sam said, his mouth still full. 

“Alex didn't have to do anything in security. You're not following the plan and you're all sitting together and no one got me a cinnamon roll.” Ray stood with a grin. 

“I want one, too.” He said. “I'll get you one. Coffee?”

“I'm never drinking coffee again.” Maya waved him off. “But I'll take a cinnamon roll.”

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