Chapter 28

Sam sat next to Leo, carefully cutting out a picture for her ID. He was the best at forging identifications. His hand was steady and he had a good eye for detail, or that’s what Leo said. He just liked the act of making something with his hands, the sharp knife, the hot iron for sealing the plastic, the careful lines he had to make. 

Leo was building another piece of software, while Maya picked out some clothes that Leo had bought.

“You can’t stick out,” Maya was saying, looking at a grey three piece suit with a pencil skirt. “I’m going to make you as bland as possible.”

“Not too bland,” Leo kept typing away as she spoke. “A quirky detail will be far more convincing than invisibility.”

Alex was watching them, taking apart her unloaded gun and putting it back together, over and over, never once looking at the weapon. Ray was sitting near her, drawing in a notebook, plugged into an iPod Leo had loaded up for him. Sam assumed he was drawing new plans for the cursed little computer, which sassed off to him all too often.

The speaking software that Leo had installed and used when she was building other software or engaged in a complicated hack, was sassy. He has a whole new level of personality that Sam wasn't comfortable with in an AI.

Not an AI. Leo got mad when he called certain things AI. 

“He can't make decisions and has no morals,” she would wave her hands about when she got passionate about something. “He, therefore has no intelligence. Until we can get them to make decisions and learn with no programming, and have morals, there will never be a true Artificial Intelligence.”

It was a rant he had become used to, he smiled whenever he thought about it. She had very pointed opinions, with good reason. She was the smartest person he had ever met and he loved every inch of her for it. 

He started the iron heating up while he started gluing the picture to the original ID. The smell of hot iron wafting over him. 

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