Chapter 15

Dr. Piwitti was typing. She was always typing. Emails, reports, peer reviewed papers, always always typing something. Her whole legs was a keyboard and a cup of tea. 

Well, maybe not her whole life. 

She caught her RSS feed refresh on her tablet and looked over at it. She sighed with relief and her door swung open. Just in time. 

“Professor,” Amity, her secretary hissed politely. “Looks like they've picked all of the suspects up. They should be at IJS any moment.”

“Thank you, Amity.” Piwitti took off her glasses, smiling. “What a relief. I'll make sure I go down to interrogations in a few minutes.”

“Do you require anything?”

“Just a cup of tea to go,” Piwitti smiled. “If you don't mind.”

“Coming right up.”

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