Chapter 13

Leo wished that her tablet pinging with a notification was what had woken her up. She hadn't, in fact ever gone to sleep. She'd stayed up late reading an article about the new updates for C++ and Apple’s new “Swift” code. It was interesting. But she hadn't beat Samson to the line for the Sandman. Sam snored, though he would swear up and down that he didn't. But he did, loudly and heroically, he snored. And it always kept her up if she didn't get to sleep first. 

She turned toward the light on her nightstand, the tablet charging, upright, in a dock. Two notifications. She put her glasses on and squinted.

Strong police presence in downtown while a break in alarm is handled at the Governor’s Mansion.

The notification from earlier and above that…

Downtown cleared. Thank you for your cooperation during our response. 

And that was it. Nothing on that end. She sat up in bed, pulling the tablet onto her lap and launching a couple news sites. Surely there would be something about the break in. The media vultures couldn't keep their paws off that for long. 

She found it. Not where she expected to find it. Instead of buried under local news it was on top of her news queue. It was on top of every feed she subscribed to. 

“Governor Appleby Murdered.” Every single newspaper blasted it at full volume. She'd been found with very little head, apparently. Whoever had killed her hadn't left anything to chance. It was sloppy, blood and brains everywhere, or that's what the night housekeeper was saying. 

Leo shook her head. It was a problem, a world leader being offed like that. Leo hadn't liked the woman’s take on cyber security; i.e. Having any because politicians being ignorant of technology wasn't cute anymore. But the woman had been pretty okay at a really crappy and unpopular job. 

No one in the US had been happy about the merge with the UN, letting the “globalists” take control. There were some who were okay with it, but the conservative right’d had their fit. The UN had some pretty pointed thoughts on gun control and that hadn't been popular. Until the gun nuts had discovered and founded large parts of the underworld. Her bread and butter.

Now the leader for her sector was dead and that would mean the appointment of some other goon who was a slave to the international agenda. Or that's what the “patriots” would say. 

Leo closed the app and her eyes, praying for sleep.

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