Chapter 11

Sam stood, trying to look as menacing as possible, while Leo and Maya conducted their sale. These were not nice men, he knew their type. He was certain they were Russian Mob, which had only gained more and more influence in the city since the recession. Because they didn’t believe in banks, their money hadn’t been stolen by the government. The currency still wasn’t worth all that much, but they’d been smart enough to jump on the Bit Coin bus when it had come around.

Sam wasn’t sure what Bit Coin was, Leo had tried to explain it to him on more than one occasion, but he had not understood anything she’d said. Something about cryptography and mining and browsers. He didn’t get it.

Mind back to the present, dude. These were not nice men, talking to your girlfriend, you were the one who was supposed to protect her if things went pear shaped.

“I don’t know what we would do without you, Nicky.” The head honcho was saying to Maya, his thick accent making him sound like a caricature of himself. “Your prices are low, you can get for us in bulk, and you are lovely to boot.”

“Yuri.” Maya waved him off, counting his change out carefully. “You are too sweet. I also don’t ask too many questions about what you’re going to use it for. That’s a bonus, too, yes?”

“But of course!” Yuri gestured graciously. “No questions, no lies, as the phrase goes.”

“Exactly.” Maya finished counting and reached out a hand to shake. “It was good doing business with you. Now, skedaddle, before we get made. That would be bad business for the both of us.” Yuri reached out and took her hand, kissing it instead of shaking. Maya shook him off politely and nodded to Leo. Leo boxed up the last of the product, sliding the hidden compartment neatly into the trunk.

Sam jumped at the sound of a police car blaring it’s siren right outside the parking garage. There was no way the cop knew what was happening inside, Leo would have picked up on that before the siren had sounded. He was just spooking some kids off the street or a homeless person awake.

“Your man is jumpy.” Yuri said. “And rightfully so. These are dangerous times. The government is getting harder and harder to avoid. Soon, we may have to pull up stakes and move on.”

“That will be a sad day Yuri.” Leo said, slamming the trunk closed. “For now, we will see you next time.”

“Yes.” Yuri nodded. “You most certainly will.”

Climbing into the car and driving away, spacing themselves out, as not to be suspicious, Leo sighed and leant back. 

“I like Yuri.” She said. “For a mob boss, he’s sweet and polite.”

“Not getting any ideas are you?” Sam looked over at her in the passenger seat. 

“Of course, not.” Leo scoffed. “Don’t be so jealous. I’m just saying he’s nice to do business with. He’s annoyingly flirty. But at least he’s relatively civil.”

“Civil?” Sam chuckled. “He’s a mob boss!”

“That’s why I said relatively!” Leo laughed. “The first deal he made with us, he could have blown us to high heaven, with the guns we had just sold him! But he didn’t. He made us his supplier. He’s a good customer, all I’m saying.”

“You have an odd way of making friends.”

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