Chapter 10

The smoke from the solder stung Ray’s nose as he attached his last transformer to the little green panel. Little blocks and cylinders, all small enough to get lost in the shag carpet of his room, now laid out to look like a little city, all set up to have electric packages run like cars and busses down it’s roads.

“You’ve gotten very good at that.” His sister’s voice came from Ray’s left. He jumped, almost trying the little circuit across the room and burning his wrist on the soldering iron.

“Alex!” Ray shouted. “You can’t just sneak… ouch…” he stuck the burn into his mouth, sucking the hot flesh.

“Sorry, Ray.” Alex knelt next to where he was sitting, tried to take his arm. Ray brushed her hand away and kept the wounded wrist in his mouth.

“I’m sorry.” Alex said, standing. She looked at her brother one more time before she walked out the door.

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