Chapter 7

Take the strings from the last set of commands and insert them here, then it will poop back and create a redundancy, so that the UI is consistent with the screen before this

Leo let the code bring her into a zone occupied by her and the puzzle. The solution: what she needed the code to do. How to get there: however she liked and however the language would let her. 

She used C++, it being one of the lore universal languages, coding from phones to Windows to Mac OS. And she knew it, some command systems she knew by heart. She could probably run a 3D animation command in her sleep. 

There was a knock on her door, making her jump, leaving the cursor blinking all alone on the screen. 

“LEO!” Maya’s voice was not impeded by the door, in any way. “We’ve got a deal! Time to load up that thick headed boyfriend of yours and go make some money!” 

Leo sighed, hitting the save button and closing the laptop. She grabbed Herman on her way out the door, the briefcase heavy for its size.  Sam would be in the garage, cleaning his weapons, for the thousandth time. She was right, he was sitting at his reloading and cleaning bench, pieces of various guns, laid out carefully on microfiber cloths. The whole garage smelled like cleaning oil; acrid, warm, and greasy. His hands were gliding over the weapon, gently cleaning the debris out from inside the barrel.

“Sam.” Leo called softly. He stopped, long fingers paused in the intricate dance of cleaning. 

“Sam, Maya says she's got a job. Time to load up and go sell some weapons to disreputable men.”

Sam sighed, and began to wipe off excess oil. 

“Am I the muscle?” He smiled. 

“Aren't you always?” She hugged him from behind, tucking her nose and lips into his shoulder. “We need a handsome man like you to look intimidating so no one tries to take advantage of us.”

“Because you two are so helpless on your own.” He smiled, assembling a Beretta lightning fast, moving on to a Smith and Wesson bodyguard.

“We could take them, yes.” Leo conceded. “But it's easier if we don't have to.”

He chuckled, letting the slide snap into place with finger crushing speed. 

“Well, woman.” He managed to reach around and slap her butt, playfully. “Better go get your kit together.”

“Just need to get my holster and boots on.”

“Okay. It'll be a couple minutes while I reassemble these.”

“That's fine. Maya will probably take a couple minutes.”

“Don't you mean an hour?”

“Yes. More like an hour.”

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