Chapter 54

Sam slept, not easily. No Leo by his side, warming his bed. He was jet lagged and trying to force himself to sleep. He would just doze off when a group of IJS soldiers would come bursting in to take him away, or he would see Leo on the bed next to him, brains smashed out of her head by a cackling Piwitti. Sleep was cruel and came with night terrors of every sort. 

He gave up at around three in the morning, resorting to movies on his lap top. He laid on his side, watching anime and comic book movies until.

The door latch clicked. He’d set the “Do Not Disturb Sign” up. It was the IJS, they were coming to take him away. He paused his movie and rolled out of bed and onto the floor, peering over his cushions. 

The door lever moved and the door swung open. And Leo came in, dragging her suitcase as quietly as she could, trying to “sneak” in.

“Leo!” he leapt up, wrapping her in his arms. “I was worried sick!” He just held her, keeping his tears of relief from falling on her shoulder. Trying to keep it out of his voice.

“I got delayed in New Work.” She laughed. “Ray and Maya just missed it. They delayed me and I almost had to spend the night. Then my phone wouldn’t charge and I couldn’t fix it.”

“I’m never letting you out of my sight.” Sam kept holding her. Scared this was another night terror. “I’m coming with you tomorrow.”

“No.” Leo patted his back. “You need to keep Alex and Maya safe. My job is relatively safe. We will be fine.”

“Please” he begged and clutched her tighter. “Please.”

“Sweetheart.” She pulled away from his hold, finally letting the door to the room swing close, the light from the hallway almost blinding him. She must have seen the tears, the ones he was trying to keep away from her, because she leapt back into his arms and covered his face in kisses.

“I will always be with you.” She whispered. “I will never ever leave you. You are my family. You are mine. And I will never let anyone take you from me.” She kissed him, roughly. He picked her up, her legs wrapping around him, and he took her to bed.

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