Chapter 1

“Give me the south hallway please.” Lieutenant Parker Moravis asked his head Code Monkey. The thirteen year old computer whizz, one of many arranged in the ranks of the Active Ops room, nodded and pulled up the feed. Parker smiled as his best friend, Captain Alex Harwell, cleared a room with her partner,  Captain David Duarte. It was good to have lots of visuals. Thank heavens for paranoid employers. 

Whoever had owned this building, before the recession had caused them to be foreclosed, had been paranoid beyond belief. There were hardly any blind spots in the whole building and if there wasn't a camera, there was a motion sensor. 

“Alex.” Parker said into his ear piece. “Have you met with anything at all.”

“Parker.” Alex looked annoyed even over her feed. “If I had met with anything, you would hear me discharge my weapon. Also, I know you can see everything because I can see all the cameras in this place. Don't be dumb.”

“I'm just asking.”

“You're just being redundant.”

“That's not really…”

“Shut up, Parker.”

“You know I outrank you.”

“I don't care if I'm outranked by Rocky and Bullwinkle.” Alex huffed and turned the corner and her feed switched. “Stop cluttering up my comms.“

“Fine.” He went silent, muting his mic so he wouldn't disturb Leo anymore. 

“Sir.” His code-monkey carefully addressed him. “You broke protocol on the comms. No rank was mentioned and you didn't address each other properly.”

“I know, Wolowski.” He nodded. “The captain and I have known each other a long time.”

“That doesn't mean…” there was something happening on the screen. Alex was saying something about possible hostiles. 

“I know.” Parker interrupted. “Activate speaker and switch feeds to that camera.”

“There is no camera in that room sir.”

“Hands on your head!” Alex was shouting. Parker could only see vague shadows through an office window. “Get on the…” a flash of gunfire. Alex screamed and discharged her weapon, rubber bullets, but they would do some damage. Whoever was in that room got three shots off and…


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