Chapter 69

Sam stood with his arms crossed, trying not to scream at Alex, who had a blueprint of the UN building spread on the table. 

“If we can get in at the south entrance, then we have a shot at getting by unnoticed. But these plans don't have the security layout. That's probably top secret.”

“Why?” Sam couldn't keep his mouth shut anymore. “Why did we fly halfway across the world only to need to be flown back into the hornets nest, again?”

Alex stood and blinked at Sam, annoyances flashing across her features. Sam felt like walking over and slapping her. His veins were ice and heat and he was bouncing on the balls of his feet. 

“Because it's David.” Alex said matter of factly. “He was my partner.”

“In more than one way, I'm guessing.” 


“You're not telling is everything. You're remembering more than you're telling us.”

Alex blushed; there was his answer. 

“Uh-huh.” He straightened and turned to leave. “No. I'm not risking me and Leo’s life for your old fuck-buddy.”

“Pardon me,” Leo stood. “My life? I'm pretty sure it's my life to risk.”

“It is,” Sam rubbed his eyes. “Of course it is. But my decisions still effect you, even if I can't control you, my decisions still make an difference in your life.” He saw Leo's hackles settle. 

“Good answer.” Leo sat back down.

“My point still stands,” Sam said, shaking his head. “I'm not in. This time it's too much.”

“And what about me?” Leo wasn't turning around, wasn't looking at him. 

“You are your own woman. I can't forbid you from going. I can ask you not to and you can say no. And I can't do squat.”

“Damn straight,” She said. “You can hide from this, Sam. But I sure as hell ain't. I'm sticking with Alex. Until I have to lash my ass to yours and get out of UN controlled territory.”

She finally stood up, finally looked at him. And she was smiling. 

“You back out if you want,” she shrugged. “Go to Russia, set up shop, wait for me there. But I'm with Alex. But I'll stay alive for you.”

“I appreciate the thought,” Sam was feeling the anger boiling. She couldn't just leave him. “But I'll camp here and make sure you don't die. Maybe. Maybe I'll just stay here forever.”

“Sam,” Leo reached out to him.

“Have fun trying to kill yourselves.” Sam walked out of the tent.

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