Chapter 64

Alex floated on the warm bed that the drugs were making for her. They bouyed her up, wrapping her in comforting flame, suspendinf her above her pain, above the madness that snapped at her like hungry piranha reeling in dark waters.

She stayed that way for a while, half hearing Maya and Sam talking to… someone new. She sounded nice. She sounded like someone Alex would like to know. 

The warmth around her began to turn hot, the temperature of her friendly flames rising, turning from friendly orange to harsh and angry blue. They constructed around her chest making her cry out, and slammed her like an angry arm into the dark depths, where the maddest circled and consumed her. 

They bit and gnawed, poisoning her with insanity. They showed her things. Ray tinkering with a soldering iron and then plunging it into his flesh over and over. She screamed at him to stop, to not hurt himself. He only turned his head, a demonic grin on his face, and stuck the hot end of the soldering iron into his wrist.

She rushed at him, her hand outstretched to stop him, but she slipped and fell, findinf herself.

Standing? How could she be standing? And why was she naked? That was… 

She looked up. Maya stood there, naked as well. What in the world was going on? Maya walked forward, a sultry smile on her lips. She stopped inches from Alex, who coild only stand and stare. Maya lent forward as if to kiss her and stopped abruptly.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, frowning. “Don’t you like me?”

“I do!” Alex said, grabbing Maya’s shoulders. “I love you! I just don’t know if it’s like that.”

Maya writhed under her hands and screamed. Alex startled and dropped Maya, who fell to the ground. Her body melted into goo.

“No!” Alex shouted, kneeling to the puddle that used to be Maya. “I can learn to love you! Tell me what you need!”

The flesh colored puddle turned to blood. It was on her hands, running down her arms, dripping from her elbows. It was HER blood and she was lying in a puddle of it, her head too heavy to lift as her life drained away. Parker stood above her, his mouth dripping blood, and the wound in the middle of his forehead, where Piwitti had shot him.

“Don’t you love me, Alex?”

“Of course.”

“Then save me, Alex.”

“I can’t. You’re already dead.”

Parker fell down, his lead snapping back as if he’d been shot. And Alex was in his body, falling to the ground, her head humming  with pain.

She landed with a thump, the familiar flames of pain squeezing her shoulder and hip. David’s head flipped into her view, laying on the ground next to her, his grin plastered on his face like a clown’s makeup. 

“Save me, Alex!” he snickered “Save me from me!” his head whizzed out of her view and he leaped in front of her. She couldn’t stand up, even though she tried. She lay on her side, trying to push herself up on her elbow.

“Don’t. Please come back.” She reached out, trying to catch him.

He capered to a rack of weapons and torture devices. He pulled a knife off the wood stand and plunged it into his ear, laughing.

She screamed again.

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