Chapter 63

Maya had tried shaking the sleeping Alex, shouting at her, she'd even taken the IV port out of her arm. Nothing she'd done had stirred the girl. She'd only screamed once and then laid back on the pillow; sweating and mumbling. 

Just as she was working on the hand cuffs on the railings, Alex arched her back and screamed again. This time shouting David’s name. 

Poor girl was hung up on the poor slob, the same poor slob Maya was going to have to get out of here alive, or Alex would never forgive her. 

Maya wrestled with the horrible cuffs, unto Alex collapsed back into bed. She was still muttering and mumbling. 

The building was still silent. That must mean that Sam hadn't been caught yet, either. 

One hand cuff. Thank GOD!

She started work on the other, hands shaking with victory.

“Maya.” Alex had said her name. Her head shot up.

“I'm here, dear. What do you need?”


“I'm here. I'm here.” She grasped the girls hand, abandoning her lock picking for a moment. 

“I have a headache. Please get me water. And the fuck out of here.”

“Done and done, sweetheart.” There was water on a table behind her Maya poured her friend a glass and helped her drink; cupping her hand underneath her friend's chin as the girl gulped the liquid down.

She threw herself back at all the hand cuffs, making sure each sprang free and tossing them into the corner. 

“Okay.” She looped an arm under her friend's shoulders. “Time to bug out. Let's go.”

“Can't walk.”

“That's not the Spec. Ops. attitude.” Maya tried to get her friend to remember part of her past. “You can. Let's make it happen.”

The two made heir way down the stark white hallway, Maya trying not to buckle under Alex's weight. She was much heavier than she looked.

Two rights, a left, up two floors in a lift, along another corridor, then a left and in the lift again. Out they came, the ground floor and the doors in sight, the nighttime courtyard beyond.

There was footsteps behind them; heavy, combat booted footsteps. Alex was almost doubled over, with pain or nausea, Maya couldn’t tell. She tried to pick up the pace, tried to drag her friend along faster, but Alex was falling, slipping from her grasp. She was panting, the sweat from her marathon dripping into her eyes and stinging. She focused on her feet. One step at a time, feet moving forward, Alex’s stumbling along next to her. The footsteps were getting closer, voices shouting at her to freeze. 

A shot rang out and the footsteps halted, the shouting getting louder. She looked up through sweat soaked bangs to see a single figure, in all black tactical gear standing with a long range assault rifle in her hands. Blonde hair slicked back into a French braid, boots that came up to her knees, she was taller than Maya had expected. 

“Get a bloody move on, Maya!” Maya snapped out of it and started her hauling again. She stumbled and fell, Alex’s nearly comatose body almost falling on top of her. The woman came to pick Alex up off her and help Maya to her feet. 

They reached the court yard and Maya heard shouting from the rear of the building. Here came Ray, Leo, and Sam, Ray slung over Sam’s solid frame like a sack of grain. No shots were chasing them, but a large black car was waiting for them. 

The blonde woman hauled her and Alex toward the vehicle, shouting orders into a shoulder radio. They piled in, not caring who sat where, Sam dumping David into a jump seat and spinning to flip their pursuers the bird before throwing himself headlong into the van. It peeled away, gun shots ringing out in the night. 

Maya panted and launched herself at her sister, letting the tears come. Leo was crying too, ugly crying at that. She took Maya’s face in her hands and kissed her forehead. Maya hugged her, laughing now at her sisters open display of affection.

She turned to her rescuer, still wrapped in her sisters arms, the woman was grinning ear to ear at them. 

“Hermine Ramaker, I presume.” She said with a stuffed nose. God snot was gross and the was not the best first impression to make.

“You presume correctly.” The woman's icy blue eyes danced with joy. 

“Who?” Ray was holding his sisters head in his hands as she lay across the seats. 

“Oh.” Heroine shrugged. “You may have heard of me. I lead this little resistance thing.”

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