Chapter 59

Alex awoke in a hospital bed, chained down and not attached to anything but a heart monitor. She didn’t jerk her hands against the restraints or panic and flop around. She knew that she couldn’t get out, it would be stupid to hurt herself trying. She simply raised her head, looked around and laid back down. Her bed was in a room that was probably a refurbished interrogation room, her head was to the corner with the door to her right. She sighed when she saw the two way mirror on the wall to her right. The IJS sure did love those things. Fluorescent lights hung from the ceiling, trying to blind her.

“Hi!” she shouted. “I’d love to talk to Piwititi again. Pick her brain about what the HELL she thinks she’s doing this time?”

The door finally opened and a gloating Piwitti stepped inside.

“Hello, dear girl.”

“I told you not to call me that.” Alex didn’t look at her. “My name is Alex and you can call me that, if not my rank and last name. Since you don’t believe I deserve it.”

“That may be taken care of. The UN didn’t like that, so they are reestablishing Veteran rights and privileges to all those involved in the CSD program. That should be signed tomorrow. Along with the paperwork that makes me your doctor and you unstable. And so I can do whatever is necessary to keep you sane.”

“That’s not how that works.”

“Isn’t it?” Piwitti was smiling, again. She hated that.

“You are an adult by rights and haven’t signed any of your medical well being away to your parents in case of an emergency such as this one. I suppose the crippling medical bills chased that little detail away from their poor brains. So, if you are deemed mentally unfit to make decisions of treatment, it’s up to me to make those decisions. As your doctor. Now, I can tamper with evidence all day long that says you gave in to the treatments I suggested. But that’s no fun. So I’m just going to tell you this.” She stopped pacing and up icy hands on Alex’s shoulders.

“Do as I say or I will kill David and Leo and make it all look like an accident.”

“You wouldn’t dare.” Alex growled.

“Oh wouldn’t I?” Piwitti giggled, releasing Alex’s shoulders. “I did it to Appleby.”

It took Alex a moment to realize what the doctor had just said. But it hit her that Appleby was the governor appointed to the UN. The one they had been accused of killing.

“You?” Alex was shocked, though she didn’t know why. “You had the governor killed? Why?”

“She got in the way.” Piwitti waved a hand. “And I didn’t kill her myself, I got the Duchess to do it for me. She’s so good at making it look like an accident.”

“You don’t say.” Alex nodded. “Is that why she followed us around St. Petersburg?”

“Well,” Piwitti was having fun, now. Despite decrying this as stupid not hours before. “Not really. Only if she could make it look good. Mostly she just needed to tell us where you were. She did, but then you gave her the slip, you naughty girl.”

“That was Sam.” Alex leant back. “He’s pretty good.”

“We’ve noticed.” Piwitti nodded. “And we are looking for him, now.” Ah, Alex smirked, they hadn’t snagged Sam. That was useful to know, as well.

“So,” Alex settled into her pillows just a bit more, trying to get comfy. “Now you have us, what are you going to do with us. Stuff us and have us mounted?”

“That doesn’t even make any sense.” Piwitti shook her head. ”I know that you’re just trying to get me to talk more.”

“What?” Alex said sarcastically. “Why would I do that?”

“So I’ll tell you all my plans, even though I said I would never do that.”

“Not even a little bit?” Alex urged. “Just a touch? Aren’t these people all so hard to talk to? They just don’t understand your genius. Or why you need to be recognized as a leader in your field of crazy.”

“That was a weak attempt.” Piwitti was horrified, or at least feigning horror.

“I know.” Alex shrugged again. “But it’s fun to try.”

“And I know just the right drugs to administer to you to take the edge right off of that smug smile of yours.”

“I know you are but what am I?” that was low, and childish. But it was way too fun to pass up. Although she wasn’t sure she had applied it correctly. No matter, it had tipped the scale just that little more to incandescent rage that she was hoping for. But Piwitti wasn’t there yet.

“That was childish.”

“I know you are but what am I?” Now that was the correct application.

Piwiitti only sighed and continued pacing. She did this for several minutes, making lap after lap of Alex’s bed. Alex knew this was her attempt at making her feel nervous, but she was resolute on making sure it didn’t make her feel nervous.

After a few minutes, Piwitti stopped at the end of her bed and pretended to look through her chart. She flipped through the papers, licking her fingers to fain purchase and then finally looked up and addressed Alex.

“I am going to put you on a pretty rigorous drug treatment, just to make sure you look as crazy as possible.”

“Still won’t be as crazy as you.” Alex sneered. “Pretty sure you lost it a LONG time ago.”

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