Chapter 57

Leo clung to the Jesus bar as Sam took another corner at an impossible speed. She turned in her seat to see the cars still behind them, the blood red of the IJS transport vans making her dizzy as she tried to follow their speed with her over exhausted eyes. 

“Sam” she yelled,  “That was way too fast! Corner slower or we’ll tip! The wheel base on this ting is not the best ever!”

“I got this, don’t worry!”

“We have no doubt of that!” Ray yelled at him “But the wheel base can’t handle this kind of vigorous driving. It isn’t a sports car!”

“You’re speaking Japanese at me again, Ray!” Sam yelled. “I’m driving it and it still works!”

There was a pop, a crash, and the front wind shield exploded.

Sam woke up; ears ringing, eyes blurry, mind jumbled. The muffled thumps and screams were coming from the confused images that painted the membrane of his eyes.

He fought to reorganize his head, to remember what was important. They had been driving, being chased by Piwitti and her IJS goons. And they had crashed.


Leo had been in the front passenger seat. And he had been driving. 


At that moment, none of the others mattered. All he could remember was the crash.  

He focused on the present. His cheek was squished into the grass and gravel. He was in the ditch, glass from the wind shield covering his back, which ached like crazy. 

He tried moving an arm. It also hurt like the dickens. 

He got onto his hands and knees, grunting with pain. He had to get up, he had to find Sonya. 

His ringing ears finally popped and his mind cleared with them. His heart started to beat faster, the adrenaline started to run. 

He stood. He found his handgun. he looked up and saw chaos. 

The IJS vans and lights surrounded the flipped G-wagon and rolled pick-up. The fugitives were being bundled into vans. Most of them unconscious. But Sonya wasn’t. 

She was wide awake and not happy. One of the goons had Herman’s case. 

She kicked, she scream, she scratch,. She already had two large guys on her arms, one was going for her legs. As he tried to snag at the desperately flailing limb, he leg snapped upwards in a calculated kick, aimed straight at the goons nose. he recoiled quickly, clutching at his nose, the nest burly guy came to snag her legs. 

The gun came up in Rod’s hand. It was cocked and ready. 

Sonya was thrown into the van. She thew herself at the back window screaming obscenities as they put her equipment into a separate van. 

And there was Pitwitti; stepping between him and his girl, was the scumbag who had started it all. That woman. He wanted to shoot her. 

The open sight leveled on her temple; a bit left and a bit up, drilled right in the temple. 

He walked forward a bit, keeping her in his sight. 

And then she spotted him. 

The alarm went off. The vans pulled away. The chase was on. 

He dove into the opposite lane of traffic, running at full tilt, firing at the van. 

He could see Sonya in the rear view window, yelling his name in desperation, banging on the window. 

The vehicle found a clear area of traffic and picked up speed. So did Sam. 

He ran, faster than he had ever ran before. Block after block rushed pas as his heart pounded. 

He ignored it as he skidded to a halt. He looked around wild eyed and spotted an abandoned police car. He sprung at the neglected, apparently unappreciated government transport, firing a shot into the door lock. 

The door came free with a couple of good yanks. He leapt inside, pulling at a the starter cables from the dash.  

He had to hurry, the van was nearly out of sight. The police car roared into life, bring with it the blare of a police radio, the lights, and the siren. 

He switched them off frantically and punched the accelerator. The converted sedan had quite the turn of speed. 

He glared out of the windshield. 

He would find the van, whatever it took, get Sonya back. he was going to kill Piwitti. He would pull the trigger. 

That bitch had caused so much shit in his life. The only good thing was the fact that he had managed to find Sonya. And even she had been ripped away from him. 

“I want my life back.” he growled at the distant can. “I want my car back. And I want my girl back." 

He would get back the thing that mattered. 

His beauty in the darkness. 

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