Chapter 55

Maya was convinced that room service breakfast was from the gods themselves. She loved that she didn’t have to do anything and food just appeared. She’d scarfed down fruit and bacon and coffee, she’d taken a nice shower, and then geared up to infiltrate a highly secure facility to break out a key witness. There was no way this could go wrong.

She didn’t know how she’d eaten all that food. She should feel sick to her stomach, but instead she just ate it. Had she done this in Israel? That whole trip was such a blur, she had no idea if she had eaten the whole ten days. Maybe she had or hadn’t. Either way, if eating was how she dealt with stress, she was going to want to figure out a workout routine. Had to keep the figure and the stamina.

She met the others out in the lobby and they set off. The hotel had been picked for it’s strategic location from the offices where they would need to break in. It was about 13 blocks away. Long enough that it wasn’t under high scrutiny but close enough they didn’t need transport.

Ray and Leo broke off about three blocks in to get to their target. Ray would be posing as a new hire who needed to know how to maintain servers with the private firm they were posing as. It was an elegant enough plan, that wouldn’t backfire, because this time Leo had memos and forged signatures.

The rest of them would also be getting in through the front door. The psych devision often saw patients, doctors, and interns. So, they had decided to be interns, shiny new badges and lab coats. 

The building was taller than she’d imagined, even though she’d seen the specs on the computer. It was imposing and felt like they’d never get in. She looked over at Alex, trying to see if she was nervous at all. Alex was just walking, smile on her face, fake glasses on her nose. She caught Maya staring at her and threw her a wink. Maya wasn’t sure if that was; “No worries I’m scared, too.” Or if it was, “Don’t be scared, nothing to be scared about.” Either way, it kind of helped.

The foyer was crowded as everyone came in for work, swiping their badges to get into the elevators. The three of them did the same as everyone else, following carefully, stepping into the elevator. They knew that Piwitii’s offices were on the 14th floor, so they would overshoot by going to the 16th. They got off the lift with the rest of the crowd, but instead of heading to labs or offices, they went straight to the bathrooms.

Maya changed out of the lab coat, but kept her badge. Now she just looked like an office girl, cute bag and all. Cute bag with a very large gun. And another very large gun in her concealed weapons elastic underwear holster under her skirt. She hoped it would be enough.

She got out of the bathroom at the same time as Alex, Sam waiting for them. They went as a group to the stairs and thundered down them. Well, Alex and Sam thundered. It was harder to run down stairs in kitten heels than she had anticipated. She opted for skipping instead and not falling down the stairs to her death.

The fourteenth floor was all offices and the halls were dead quiet. It was eerie. Maya didn’t like it. They walked like they knew something, or tried, rounded the corner to Piwitti’s office…

And almost ran smack into Piwitti, who was leaving her office with her assistant, who was hurriedly writing down notes.

“I need the duchess to come to my office as soon as she can, and I’m going to need the Five’s files again, along with David’s. I’m going to check on him, now. Don’t follow.” The secretary stopped following and writing and went back to her desk.

“You follow her.” Maya gulped, nodding to Alex. “Sam and I will figure out a way to get into that office. She’s bound to have better dirt than what Leo’s going to get.”

Alex nodded and dashed off, snagging a file from a desk in the hall as she went by and using it as a shield for her features.

“I’ll distract the assistant.” Sam said. “You get in and get the info.”

“Why I can’t I distract her?” Maya pouted. “What if she’s into girls.”

“Please.” Sam scoffed. “I’m not getting a lesbian vibe off her. Leave it to me, you get the next one.”

“Fine.” Sam sauntered around the corner, honing in on his target. The problem was, even though he was annoying as all hell, he was quite dashing when he wanted to be. It did make him a great con artist.

“Hey.” He said with a sweet smile. “I don’t suppose you could help me, could you?” He put his hands in the pockets of his new suit pants. He hadn’t looked comfortable in them at all at first, but he exuded confidence, now. That and the pants made his ass look pretty good. His hands in the pockets had the desired effect, as it drew her eye right to his crotch. Now they would see who was right about the secretary.

“I’m not sure.” She was blushing. Damn. He was right. “But I can try.” She giggled. Oh, god. Not the giggle. Come one, give woman kind some dignity, could you?

“I’m looking for accounting.” He said. “And I’m completely lost. New intern, you see. SI there any way I can convince you to be my tour guide?”

“Let me just finish this e-mail.” Holy. Crap. It was not that easy to get you away from your desk was it? Maya was appalled at the girl. The girl typed for a few seconds, clicked send and then got up, taking Sam’s proffered arm and chattering away at him about where e was and where he needed to go. 

Maya came out from behind her corner and slipped into the office, no one else around to stop her. 

The office was plush that was for certain, oak filing cabinets, plush sitting area, even a wet bar. The desk dominated the room, the desk chair set with it’s back to the view, rather a cliche. 

Maya dug through the cabinets, pulling our file after file to shove into her bag. She was almost full when it hit her. Duh, the doc had just asked for “The Five’s files and David’s” that meant they were somewhere else. Or in the assistant’s outbox.

Maya peeked her head out, looking to see if the coast was clear and then rifled through the secretaries smaller desk. There they were, sitting right on tip of the  out box, bold as brass. She slipped them into her bag and…

The assistant was coming around the corner, just as Maya was walked away from the desk. Maya pulled out her phone and faked a call.

“Hey, Bob.” Heart pounding keep walking just get to the elevator you came in. “I can’t find her office, no. I think I’m on the wrong floor, this place is a maze.”

“Excuse me.” A hand landed on her shoulder, making her almost jump a foot in the air. It was the secretary. Shit. This was it.

“The elevator is that way. Who’s office are you looking for?”

“I… I…” she stammered, trying to get her brain back on track. “I can’t think of her name, now. Delores? Delany?”


“Yes!” Maya said. “Devin! Devin… what was it?”

“Devin Lord.” The assistant nodded “She’s sweet. But she is buried in the maze. You have to go down to the ninth floor and then take the east stair back up to the tenth. Only way to get to her office. That part of the building got renovated by a crazy person.”

“Thank you so much!” Maya said, smiling backing away. Trying not to panic. “You can’t imagine how much you’ve save my ass today! Thank you so much. Bob! I’ve got it. No worries, a nice lady just helped me out.” She waved and continued to chatter into her phone as she got into the lift and descended.

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