Bullet Journaling Holiday Gift Guide 2017

If you are reading this it's because your friend is a bullet journal junkie.

Maybe they've already told you.

Maybe this is their way of telling you.

Either way, they are out of the closet, and you don't know what the hell you are supposed to get them for Christmas.

You are in LUCK. I know EXACTLY what they want for Christmas!

You'll notice that I don't have any of these in my Instagram photos. That's because this is my Chirstmas list this year!

JPEG image-D36F8C2A5009-1.jpeg

1) Leuchtterm 1917- Metallic Series

These. Are. Amazing. Seriously. I only want to buy the copper one from now until the end of time! Your friend may have a different color in mind entirely, or maybe not even know these exist. Either way, I'm sure they will enjoy this!

2) Tombow Dual Brush Pens

All bullet journalers LUST after these pens. They are on EVERY Instagram that you look up! Everyone loves these pens.

3) Crayola Adult Series

Yes. They make special markers for Adults. There are SO MANY MORE FOR THE SAME PRICE. Heckin' worth it.

5) Stablio Highlighers

These pastels are what everyone is lusting after! Your gift buddy may already have them, but they are still really great!

8) Midliner Highlighters

Another really great highlighter! Really, this is probably on your buddies list!

7) Michaels Gift Cards

Okay. Yeah. This is your safest bet. But they will use it for the supplies they need and they will spend all day deliberating on what stamps to buy. This and some Starbucks and they will be a happy camper!

There you go! That's my list for what to get the Bullet Journal Junkie on your list this Holiday Season. Happy Shopping!

-The Ginger Wordsmith