You know that friend who drops off the face of the earth and then randomly pops up in your favourite bar six months later and gives you a hug and asks you about the last six months and then come to find out, they’ve been working on some weird projects for the last six months and are doing okay. They’ve settled into their rhythm and can have head space for you again...

Unfortunately, that’s been me.

The last six months I have been working on a project that I’m really excited about and it took over my life. Because I had to figure out that space and understand my place in it.

  But that doesn’t excuse leaving you all hanging for this long with not so much as an email to keep you reading.

I’m sorry I’ve been away this long and I’m working on incorporating this blog back into my life with my very exciting project as well.  It was very rude of me and I’m sorry I didn’t update you or figure this out from the get go.

The last year of this blog has truly freed my creativity so that I can branch out into other things and I’m grateful to everyone who has signed up for my email list and who has continued to check up on the blog as I’ve been running around.  

I don’t deserve you all as readers and you are all so special to me. I’m gonna keep you updated a little more often.

What have I been doing? 

I have been working on a YouTube channel to cover Niantic’s new game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! 

I LOVE AR gaming. When PokémonGo launched I was very excited about the game and amazed at the YouTube community that sprung up around it. 

But I missed the bus on that trend and was fine to watch talented creators make wonderful videos to fuel my obsession with PokemonGo as it rose and fell in popularity. 

And when they announced their Harry Potter AR game back in November, I saw the opportunity.

I know much more about Harry Potter than I do Pokemon, despite coming to the Potter Party very late in life. 

And I know this is going to be a hit. 

You know it too. If you are still playing PokemonGo, you’re gonna download and play Wizards Unite. If you rolled your eyes at Pokémon and didn’t play it, you’re gonna pick up and play Wizards Unite. If you played PoGo for two weeks and then stopped, you’re gonna play Wizards Unite. 

I’m making this channel and establishing my personality and my brand over there. And I’m having so much fun! I’ve found a lovely group of creators who have welcomed me and I love working with them! 

I’m really excited to work on this project and I’m really excited to see how it works into my current projects; my husband, my kids, my book, and YOU! 

Thank you for being so patient with me and reading this whole thing, YOU are really cool. 

If you are interested in seeing stuff about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, I’m not going to be posting over here, everything will be in videos on my new YouTube Channel, Snitches & Witches. PLEASE go check it out if you want more information and see me blabber about AR gaming. 

I’d LOVE to know what YOU have been up to for the last six months and what your projects have been! PLEASE tell me about them I’VE MISSED YOU!

Happy Writing

Zoe Fleischer 🐙

The Ginger Wordsmith