How to Use Pokemon Go to HELP Your Writing, Instead of Procrastination Fodder

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I wrote this blog post over two years ago when Pokemon Go originally came out. And with the recent influx of updates, it’s pulled me back in after an eight month hiatus.  So I’m refreshing it and elaborating on a few things, so we can talk about it a little more.

I STILL love this game and think it deserves recognition, rather than everyone saying that it’s “dead”  and asking me why I still spend time on it...

So… What’s the big whoop?


Why Am I Excited?


I never got to play Pokemon as a kid, we really never played video games unless it was at my Grandmas with the cousins. They all showed me their Pokemon games and the trading cards and they even watched the cartoons while I was there.

I heard all about Team Rocket and Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. Lots of it really didn’t stick. But my husband got to, it was a large part of his childhood. He gave away his Pokemon cards, even though now, several of them would be worth several HUNDRED DOLLARS. That’s right, CARDS WORTH HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. That’s insane!!!

I never got into it. My mom wanted me to play outside or something silly like that.


PokemonGo is free to play on a device that I already own!

We really don’t have the money to get a NintedoDS (one of the only devices this franchise is available to play on now) or purchase the games. And if I wanted to “catch ‘em all” I would have to go back to one of the FIRST pokemon games; Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue and then work my way up through the versions, transferring as I go.

INSTEAD, I’m burning through my data like a pyromaniac and getting outside with my kids! Never a bad thing. And it doesn’t cost any money for us to have fun together.

My two year old gets really excited about catching Pokémon and likes to help me! So it’s a free activity we can all do outside. Never a bad thing. 


The whole app is based around MOVEMENT. Augmented reality means that technology adds to reality to make a whole new experience! 

The most common examples of this are the apps you see where you can use the camera on your phone to place the map on a table or flat surface.  

Snapchat and Instagram filters are also Augmented reality! And they are a fun way to use the technology. 

I want to advance myself in PokemonGo, I have to get out and walk every single day. It’s the best way to catch Pokemon, just go on a walk for an hour every single day.

Just around your neighborhood. Now the game works best in areas with high cell phone traffic. Downtown areas are best, along with frequent stops along highways, like gas stations


Everyone else has their reasons to be excited for PokemonGo, whether it’s showing the franchise to your kids for the first time, revisiting your childhood, or being introduced to a new and fun way to exercise; there’ no denying PokemonGo is HOT right now.

But what about those of us who write for a living? What are we supposed to do with this new time suck. It’s worse than Facebook, I tell you!


How to Use Pokemon Go to Your Advantage if You’re A Writer

Don’t Download the App;

I know how I just talked a ton about how I love it so much and have been playing for a while, but if it’s going to drag you away from writing, stay away!

Don’t play. Delete the app. Walk away. If you tell people that you’re not going to be playing anymore, they will be okay with that. I promise! If they’re not, they don’t belong in your life.

Taking writing seriously is YOUR decision. Of course you can support your friends as they play, because they support you, so return the favor.

Go on a daily writing walk, with a distraction.

Yeah. Walking really is one of the best things you can do as a writer. Walking around and thinking about your writing. If you have a momentary interlude of catching a Geodude while out and about, whatever, good stuff.

But taking the time to think about writing out and about will allow more inspiration to seep into that addled brain of yours. 

Observe other PokemonGo players.

Have you seen how it transcends gaps? There are SO MANY gaps in our culture right now. Political, socio-economic, racial, generational, gender and sexual orientation.

Those gaps are not going to go away without some hard work, but having a common ground doesn’t hurt. Because everyone is human doesn’t appear to be enough for everyone,

I’ll take a mobile game. And it’s the perfect real world example of a Oasis style game for sci-fi writers from Ready Player One (which is a fantastic book that you should definitely read).


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Back to PokemonGo being awesome: There are tons of examples of cops stopping on their beat to talk to fellow Team Valor players, who happen to be young black men.  

It’s not a fix for humanity, but it definitely brings me hope. 

There are plenty of facebook groups always looking for people to play and help with raids. So if you need some help, just find a facebook group or a discord server! Go meet some cool new people! 

Give your brain a break.

There can be too much of a good thing and you can put too much stress on yourself about that good thing.

I advocate for writing every single day and it helps me stay on track and keep myself sane. 

However, everyone needs a break from time to time and we all need some help. 

Getting out and taking a walk and NOT thinking about writing could be really good for you, too!  Take a break and do something healthy.


So, get out there and CATCH ‘EM ALL! Just remember how to use it to your advantage as a writer. Always be looking for ways to improve your craft.

Also #TeamValor #TeamHarmony…

Happy Writing! 


Zoe Fleischer

The Ginger Wordsmith