Starting Strong for NaNoWriMo 2018


The first week of NaNoWriMo 2018 is over! At this point you should have 15,000 words done and feel pretty AMAZING about how you’re doing!

You’ve got your characters AT LEAST to the meat of your novel and you’re really starting to kick up the tension in your storyline. It’s good to be a not-so-benevolent goddess.

So after the first 9 days of NaNoWriMo, how do you take the small victories that you’ve had this week and turn them into momentum to last you all month?

You did that stupid blogger rhetorical question thing and now you’re gonna tell me right?

Okay… you need to get more sleep… you’re getting crabby… So am I… I need more sleep… or just more coffee.

Keep Logging Your Progress on

Really the BEST place to keep your morale up is on NaNo’s website. They have this down to a SCIENCE. Obviously. They’ve only been doing this for like twenty years.

When I don’t feel like writing, all I need to do is hear people TALKING about writing and I’m all over it.

I don’t know why, but it really helps to hear other people talking about it.

So I go to places like the chat rooms and other places to hear people’s struggles with writing and other issues. Then I’m all fired up and ready to go. It also helps to find writing groups where I can talk to people from my area.

The logging features really help, too. It helps me see that I’m on track for the month and to give me confidence. If I’m ahead, it’ll tell me what date I’m projected to finish on and that makes me feel super confident.

On the flip side: when I’m not on track, the date projection fills me with a sense of dread.

But logging your progress on NaNo is a great way to keep your momentum going through the month November. And… ya know… it’s required to get that official little sticker and shit…

Keep Logging Your Progress in Your Bullet Journal

Yeah. The Writer’s Bullet Journal Blog is telling you to log your NaNoWriMo progress in your Bullet Journal. BIIIIIGGG SURPRISE.

But really, I wouldn't have started writing this shit unless I really thought that it was helpful for myself! I know that’s hard to believe in this climate of people starting blogs for a quick buck, but I really think that what I’ve done with my bullet journal to keep me on track is good enough to share with lots of other people!

Even though I don’t do it every day.

Even though I’m really good at using my journal to procrastinate on actually writing.

Even though I’m not the best at actually using my time well and writing properly OTHER than in November… am I the only one?

I still find that using my bullet journal is a good way to keep track of my progress and keeping myself on track.

Big surprise, I know.

But it really helps me out and helps me feel accomplished. Filling in that box or that chart bar or making a mark makes me feel better about all the work that I’ve put into the charts that I work on to keep myself on track.

It’s all for a good purpose right?

Haha! Sure it is!


Make sure that you take a look at my NaNo Printable to affirm my insecurities! Yaaaay!

Tweet Your Progress (or instagram it or snapchat or facebook or whatever)

Now, finding your tribe on NaNo is EASY. There are hundreds of thousands of other writers doing the same crazy challenge that you are, each and every year.

But if you put that out on social media and find your tribe there, it’s even better.

Starting this blog has brought a lot of things into my life that I think are GREAT. Including a great community of people who like talking about their writing and it’s really fun! Finding your tribe on social media is really amazing!

If you make an effort to just tweet your progress during NaNo, you might develop a little following, and that feels pretty good. But that could turn into a following of readers, too.

If you tweet out your progress while you’re working on NaNo, there are probably people on Twitter who are seeking solace after finishing their word count, or procrastinating on their word count. Those people probably need your update to inspire them and keep them rolling.

NaNo is a community event and it’s important to reach out!

Remember that at the beginning of the month all you had was a blank screen with a blinking cursor.

That alone should make you feel amazing.

You had nothing at the beginning of this month, and now you’ve got your story down on paper.  

Or digital paper... 

Remember that you’ve always wanted to finish a book. You’re writing your novel and all progress is good progress!

NaNo is about so many things, but the biggest thing is getting your novel down on paper. No excuses, no procrastination, no second guessing. Just writing.

Like I said earlier, you should have about 15,000 words done at this time. That’s AMAZING and you should feel super accomplished.

That’s better than most people!

Remember Your Why

This is a tactic that people use for their career or creative endeavors all the time. When you start to feel listless and like you have lost focus or drive, you go back to what your “Why” is.

Why do you want to spend an entire month writing a book? Why would you dedicate so much of your time to getting 50,000 words down on paper?

Maybe it really is just to get your story down on paper.  

Maybe it’s because you want to publish it and help your family.  

Maybe you want a career change and need to see if you can write for a living.

Maybe you just need to write because you don’t know what else to do with your life.  

No matter what, your why should be your true drive for getting this novel done. If you need to, write it down in your journal, make it into a poster or a t-shirt or a Tattoo. But keep it as your center. 



That is all I have for you today and I hope you keep going strong! 

Happy Writing! 

Zoe Fleischer

The Ginger Wordsmith