Should I Keep Writing Past My 1600 Words? NaNoWriMo 2018 Day 1


Is the number 1600 a limit or a goal?

When you first start NaNoWriMo, it’s a question that runs through your head almost daily.

On one hand, you want to keep writing while the iron is hot and on the other hand, you don’t want to use up all of tomorrows juices.

So what do you do? Is that number a goal or is it a LIMIT?

I think it’s just a goal and here’s why.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

When I start writing and I get in a groove, it’s hard to stop, so I would say that it’s NOT a limit, but I’ll tell you why later.

When you start writing, especially if you love your story and have a goal in mind, I find that it’s really hard to stop writing.

I also find that the first 50 words or so are the hardest, especially after a little bit of a gap, so it takes me a bit to get rolling once I’ve stopped.

It’s worse if I stop for a day or more, so I like to get as much work done after those first 50 words are in, so I write when I’m not going to be distracted: nap time for the boys. Or after they go to bed.

I ALWAYS have to grind through the first 50 words of writing and then I get into the groove.

Keep writing while you have inspiration and just keep it rolling. An object in motion STAYS in motion and an object at rest STAYS at rest.

So keep writing PAST that 1600 words marker, because you need to keep the momentum.

Tomorrows Inspiration is Todays

So what if you use all of ”tomorrows inspiration” today? I guarantee that when you start writing and thinking about the next part of your story, tomorrow will be waiting with new ideas for you.

When I start writing and thinking about my story, it’s hard to get my brain to turn OFF. And the only things that can pull me out of my creative flow is needing to use the bathroom, or my kids needing food.

BUT I’m also a INTP personality type, which means that I HATE being broken out of my flow because when I get broken out, it’s hard to get back into my flow.

Just as I type that I get broken out of my flow and have to go pee… what was I talking about?

Oh yes!

So if you ask me if you should “save” something for tomorrow, I saw NO! Keep writing!

But, if you have to get up and do boring house stuff, or take a break play with the kids, or go to work, make sure you use your writers bullet journal to keep track of all your ideas as you’re writing them!

This is another reason why I use a bullet synopsis for my outline, because it gives me landmarks to aim for and I NEVER get writer’s block because of it.  

The Goal is Total Wordcount

With NaNo, the main goal is too write a total of 50,00 words in thirty days. That number of 1600 words daily is to just break it down into manageable chunks. 

When you get to that goal of 1600 words, that just means you’re on track for your goal, but you should ALWAYS finish at LEAST the scene that you are writing before you stop for a break in the day. Even if that means you’ve JUST started writing the scene.

Once you’ve finished the scene, feel free to outline or write an intro to the next scene that will hook you and get you excited about writing the next day and if you don’t want to stop there, just KEEP WRITING.

The fear of over-writing in a day should never stop your creativity. And there are people who do NaNoWriMo in three days, instead of thirty.  

So write as much as you can every day! Even if that number is under and especially if it’s over! 


I hope this post was helpful for you and make sure you head to my YouTube Channel EVERYDAY this month for my daily wrap ups of my NaNo journey in my Writers Bullet Journal! They are all uncut and no time lapse, just me and you and my Journal!

Happy Writing!

Zoe Fleischer  

The Ginger Wordsmith