#Preptober Tricks and Hacks for Your Writers Bullet Journal


Aaaaahhh... October. Fall is in the air, Halloween is the end of the month, and all the Basics are running around with their Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I dig out my flannel, which I realize makes me a basic, but I drink from local coffee shops and it’s never pumpkin spice. I actually don’t like pumpkin spice. I know. I’m a pariah.

But October means so much more. It means that it’s tome to prep for that always important month: November. NaNoWriMo is coming... 

And now you’ve started a bullet journal and you’re ready to start figuring out how to use it to get ready for NaNo. You’re even going to use it during NaNo to keep track! But where do you start?  

That’s where I come in! I’m gonna give you the tools you need to get Preptober squared away in your journal, so you set yourself up to win NaNo this year! 

Tip No. 1- Get your idea

Internal whining commences...

Okay. I know this is the hardest part. Trust me I know. So you don't know what you're going to do for NaNo this year. You really want to participate? Awesome! Here's a couple resources.

1. Manuscript Wish List on Twitter #MSWL

This was a wonderful event this year and the hashtag is RIFE with good ideas from agents who want these as manuscripts. So pull an idea, write it this November, edit it this December, edit it again, and then submit it to the agents that will open up to submissions after January.

2. Plot Generators

Most of these will suck. Get over it. Keep clicking until you find something, son.

Plot Idea Generator

3. Go and look at humans.

Humans do weird things. Some of them are pretty interesting. Go sit in your coffee shop/student union/park and get yourself some inspiration!

4. Listen to some Humans

I love podcasts. I know, I've said it a million and half times, but it's true. I'm listening to a podcast RIGHT NOW. I LOVE THEM! Go get some really good ones! Want to know what I listen to? Sign up for my email list! I give out weekly suggestions for podcasts to listen to!

Tip No. 2- Make Some Lists

Ahhhh... lists. They are the reason why we love the bullet journal so much, aren't they? So, what lists do you need to make?

  1. Characters you need
  2. Sick character names
  3. Settings
  4. Events that are gonna ROCK
  5. Problems the characters face
  6. Other really cool ideas
  7. Wicked cool title

Just to name a few!

Tip No. 3- Set up a Reward System!!!

I know this sounds REALLY weird, but it's a really good idea. Think of it like puppy training; want the doggo to stop wetting the carpet, rewards for peeing outside are better than rubbing his nose in it making him feel like a failure. Your brain is no different!

So, what do you do? Food is a great motivator! Chocolate, bourbon, hamburgers, cake. Whatever it is. But you have to have RESTRAINT to not eat the chocolate UNTIL you've written those 1600 words today.

So, make a list in your bullet journal and them make sure you shop for ample supplies of that treat before November!

Tip No. 4- Set up your workspace.

If you do this now and make sure it stays clean all the way through October, your family will probably respect it more. This space has been established as yours for a month and, if you start doing that writing habit, now, NaNo will be less of a shock on their system!

With two littles, my writing space has to be flexible. I have to be able to squeeze word count out of every minute of the day. I'm going to be writing in bed, on the couch, while standing in line for coffee. No matter where, the words will be happening in any minute of silence I can glean.

But, if you don't have kids, you are not hindered by this. Set out your area and make it yours. Make sure you can keep it clean for the next two months and set up a time to write every day there, even if it's only a hundred words!

Tip No. 5- Get my Printable!

Yes. I'm plugging it. Get over it.

I'm really proud of it, though! It's got badges and worksheets and writing prompts! And I've got so many good ideas crammed into this sucker! I have to offer it to you!

Yes. I know it's paid. You know what it'll cost you. 99 cents. Less than a soda or a cup of coffee. I Nothing! And you get my writing prompts! It's AWESOME.

There's also achievement badges. Just saying...

And that's what I've got for you! I really hope that these tips help you get into prepping mode for NaNoWriMo! I'm so excited about it! I love this time of year! Make sure to add me on NaNoWriMo.org!

-The Ginger Wordsmith