#Preptober is Coming...


October marks that time of year when many writers begin to think, "OH SHIT WHAT AM I DOING FOR NANOWRIMO?!" 

So, in anticipation, I am going to be releasing a few blog posts in the coming weeks with tips on how to handle Preptober and I will be releasing my Preptober and NaMoWriMo printables! They will be paid, but there are several pieces that I will be releasing for FREE! So no worries there! 

Keep your eyes peeled and thanks for being patient with me this week. It's been a hard one and my heart has not been in blogging. It's a lame excuse, but it happened. I need to have blog posts in the can for weeks like this, so you guys get content and I get some guilt free R&R. 😉

See you in a couple of days! 

-The Ginger Wordsmith 🐙 

Zoe Fleischer