How To Use Your Writers Bullet Journal to Ward off Writer's Block


 It happens to everyone. You sit down at your computer, pull out your notebook, a hot cup of coffee in hand... and your muse SLAPS YOU across the face, tells you that you suck, and runs off with a better-looking writer on the back of a cool motorcycle. 

You have writer's block. No words are coming. The manuscript that had you jazzed for MONTHS suddenly feels like week-old oatmeal in your brain. The coffee doesn't help. Pounding your head against the keyboard doesn't help. Staring at a blank wall with no noise DOESN'T HELP. 

Lemme tell you a secret; your bullet journal can help.  

Okay. It's not actually a secret. You clicked the link. You know what this article is about. Work with me, bruh. I'm going somewhere with this.   

Trick 1- Find Writing Prompts 

When you have a list of writing prompts in your BuJo, you can pull from a lovely list of inspiration. The first thing I would do is follow a couple boards on Pinterest. I have one for my writing Prompts when I get stuck and I curate them very carefully so that I know the prompt will work. 

Then I take a nice list of the heavy hitting prompt and put them in a collection in my Bullet Journal.  

Another good trick to keep in mind is to curate based on world building, character development, and plot advancement. Make sure you have separate lists for each because you're going to need different types of prompts for different situations.  

Trick 2- Unplug

Often I'll have music or something else going on in the background when I'm working. Which means that my brain is being pulled in a hundred different directions.  

I also have kids, a two-year-old and a four-month-old. Which can make the no distractions thing REALLY HARD.  I can't unplug from the four-month-old, especially when I'm home on my own, he needs me!

So, what do I do? I call up a babysitter, usually my mother in law, and I go to a coffee shop. And I buckle down and DO THE THING. I'll do a writing prompt to get rolling and then make the words happen.

When you can, put your phone on airplane mode, take off the headphones, close Facebook and Twitter, and turn off notifications on your computer.  

Then, pull a prompt out of your bullet journal and make it happen. And that can even be IN your bullet journal.

If you're worried that it will wreck your bullet journal's theme, take some time and integrate it into your theme. Doodle in the margins, make your header all pretty, whatever it takes. If you're still adverse to writing in your bullet journal like this, I'm sorry you feel like you can't WRITE in your BuJo. Instagram has broken you.

Then go get a different journal, make an index really quick, and this is your No-Stuck-Anti-Writer's-Block weapon. Just write in it. Don't worry about the look. JUST FREAKING WRITE. If you're worried about how it will look, get the frack over it and make the words happen. That's what matters.  

Trick 3- Take a Walk

You probably sit in the same chair, in the same spot, at the same time every single day. Change it up!  Strap on some walking shoes and get outside! Go walk to your local coffee shop and get a cup of joe! Then go to the park with your journal and soak up the humans.

That sounds wrong. 

But getting out of the house and actually observing real humans in their natural habitat. Because, let's be honest: if you're a writer, you are probably an introvert. And other humans are probably very scary to you. While this works to your advantage during the writing process, where you are probably shut in your office for months at a time, it doesn't work during writer's block. 

Still don't want to leave you're house?

Trick 4- Listen to a Podcast

Okay... I know. I said unplug a little bit ago. But when that doesn't work, get some input! This works when you just can't leave the house; the kids are not in the mood, you don't feel like wearing pants, and the world just feels too scary. 

Yay for the Internet! 

Podcasts are a great way to spark inspiration from current events, scientific discoveries, and inspiring writers telling you about their oh-so-relatable struggles.

They can kick you out of your own head and thrust you into the thought processes of many different people. It can be just the tonic you need.

When a good idea hits, jot it down in your journal. A daily spread, an idea collection, or your idea TN insert (if that's your jam). 

I put my weekly favorites in my weekly email! If you want that and a hella cool freebie, make sure to sign up for my email list! 

And that's all I got for you!  Thank you so much for hanging out with me for a little bit! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter! I also have some pretty dope Pinterest boards if you need some inspiration. 

See you later! 

-The Ginger Wordsmith 🐙