Weekly Update #2 August 18, 2017


Afternoon everyone! 

How have you been enjoying the blog? I'm super enjoying writing it again! It's wonderful to have tangible work out there, rather than just hoarding my novel on my hard drive until it's done!

So, here's a couple updates! 

1st Draft Novel

This hasn't been the best week for novel writing, unfortunately. I've been so busy with the kids and the Blog, I haven't had a chance to sit down and write my novel. I'm planning on sitting down with my computer and cranking out some words on Sunday when my husband is home and can watch the boys. 

2nd Draft Novel

Like I said, not much done here. The problem with this project is I have to block out time to sit down with the computer and get it done. That time is usually in the evening. But that time has been taken up my blog writing. 😂 

Hopefully, the blog will be more of a motivational tool than a procrastination tool.  But I'm having so much fun! 


Favorite Podcast this Week


Myths and Legends Podcast

This is such a great podcast! It's so helpful for getting caught up on legends from other cultures. Maybe you've heard of them, maybe you haven't. But the reason we tell stories the way we do comes from these stories in oral tradition. Knowing the tropes, knowing the background, knowing your roots is important as a writer!


This Week in My Bullet Journal

I've been playing with a new weekly spread that I found over at LifebyWhitney.

I did edit it slightly for my own use, but it still does what I need it to do! That's what I love about the Bullet Journal. We can edit other peoples spreads to fit our lifestyle, and it makes everyone's journal unique! So wonderful!


Super short post this week! I hope you guys are doing well, and I'll see you very soon. This Tuesday, I'll be posting How to Set Up a Kick Ass Writer's Bullet Journal! Stay tuned!

And sign up for my email list to know when that goes live and when my #Preptober and NaNoWriMo Printables will be live! I'm so excited about these! I'm designing all sorts of fun stuff to go in them and you don't want to miss out! 

Thanks for hanging out with me! 

-The Ginger Wordsmith 🐙