Weekly Update #1


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First Draft of Novel!

This novel has been years in the making and is truly my baby. It's gonna be so much fun to see how everyone likes it and I am planning on getting it published. Stay tuned for more!

This is the novel I used to win NaNo in 2016 and I'm so excited to be almost done with it! I had to delete a large chunk, because I was so unhappy with it, and rewrote that portion after NaNo was over. However, I have passed 50,000 words for a second time and am working on ramping up to the big climax! Hopefully I can get that done soon!

Second Draft of the OTHER Novel!

Yes. I do have two irons in the fire! No, I don't want to be James Patterson, or anything.(Though the money wouldn’t be a bad thing 😉) But I do have a first draft novel and a novel in the revision stages. This way, I can be entertained by two manuscripts, because they really are that fun to me and that entertaining. This one is one that I can have in a place for publishing before the end of the year.

Favorite Podcast This Week

This is a weekly segment that I may or may not keep around. But it's a great way to share what I've been listening to. Writers and authors should be looking for ways to expand their knowledge, not only in writing craft, but also their knowledge base.


Have a character who's a scientist? Listen to a science podcast to get inside their heads. Have a character who loves to cook? Read a blog written by someone who loves food. Keep expanding your base of knowledge, every day, however you can. 

I love podcasts because I can listen to them while I do social media stuff for my business and blog, or while I'm cooking dinner. It keeps my brain engaged and allows me to feel productive.


Best Case Worst Case

This is SUCH  great podcast. They take a person from law enforcement and interview them over two episodes. One is their Best Case and the next episode is their Worst Case. They talk about, not just police procedure, but also the emotions that are going through their heads as they are working the cases.

Be warned; the Worst Case episodes OFTEN include crimes committed against children, as those are often the most memorable and scarring for these personnel. If that's a trigger for you or you don't think you can stomach it, this is NOT the podcast for you.

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Have a great week! Have a great time writing! 

-The Ginger Wordsmith  

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