5 Essential Tools for Your Writer's Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals are a fantastic tool for Writers and trust me when I say, using it for your writing will be one of he best choices you make this year! However, knowing what you need to start one can be difficult to know when there's so much information about Bullet Journaling and not much about our specific needs as Writers in the Bullet Journal System.

This is DEFINITELY something I struggled with in the beginning. Today, I'm going to give you the tools you need to start a fantastic Writer's Bullet Journal so you can succeed in writing your novel!

Tool #1: The Journal Itself

If you are a writer, you probably have a favorite notebook, already. It never leaves your side, you sleep with it at night. Your partner is probably SICK of you sitting up and turning on the light to scribble ideas in it at 3 am!

The journal of CHOICE that I can see is the Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dot Grid.

But, if you have a notebook that you SWEAR BY, don't even worry about what everyone else is doing! I've turned notebooks that I am in the middle of using into a bullet journal, just by slapping an index at the beginning

! You don't have to buy a brand new notebook to start a BuJo. 

Tool #2: Writing Instruments

Again, this can be a daunting prospect. Pinterest is full of expensive pens; brush pens, calligraphy pens, artists pens.

The inspiration can run in the opposite direction and if you are a writer, you probably already have a favorite pen! 

The pen you USE is better than the one you DONT. Writing is the thing. Documenting is the important bit. So just WRITE!

Tool #3: The Vice

HaveImentionedthatItotallylovecoffee?! IDRINKSOMUCHOFIT!!! IDONTHAVEAPROBLEM!!! 

No, but really. This is a tool, too!  Coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda; whatever it takes to keep you IN THE ZONE! Before sitting down to write, blog or otherwise, I make myself a nice chemex of coffee and get to it! So, do whatever ritual you need to get into writing.

Tool #4: The Space

The space and time in which you write or journal is just as important as anything else. Just like your writing rituals, it can be VITAL to getting things written. 

Now, I'm a mom; so I snag Writing and Journaling time whenever I can. Nursing? Probably getting some word count on the Mobile Scrivener app on my phone. Toddler wants some tablet time? Awesome! Time to set up at the table with him and get a spread done and some stuff checked off!

Work when you can and know how you need to get the work done. There is no "right" or "wrong" way when it's happening. If it's happening, it's the "right way". If you're still procrastinating, it's the "wrong way".

Tool #5: The Resources

Writing Excuses Podcast

I can't pimp these guys enough. They are awesome! Weekly podcast and it's so inspiring!

Write or Die!

If you need a kick in the pants, this is THE WEBSITE! Set a grace period and then get to it, or the website will trigger something chasing your cursor or deleting your words!

This book is one of my favorites! She goes into great detail about many parts of making your fiction more complex. Of course, you can't just read about writing. You also have to read good books. Writers READ.




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Boho Berry is great for inspiration! She can make some gorgeous spreads and it's great to watch her videos!

Page Flutter is another really good blog! Go check her out!

There you go! The 5 Essentials for Your Writer's Bullet Journal! Thanks so much for spending so time with me! If you're not already, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest! I even post cute kid pictures. Well... I think my kids are cute. You can decide for yourself. 

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Have a great day!

-Th Ginger Wordsmith 🐙