How to Jumpstart Your Writing Habit Using Your Bullet Journal

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One of your goals for 2018 is to write a book and you're gonna make it happen, DAMN IT.

So you don't want this to be like every other year that you've made this resolution. You are gonna write every single day and you're going to make sure it's ready for publishing by the end of the year!

So you do some digging around on the internet and you've found the online writers community. And ALL OF US all say that you need to make writing a habit. A habit so unbreakable that not writing feels like not breathing.

Where the Hell do you even get started?

I use my bullet journal to keep my writing on track and I've got 5 tips to keep you on your writing path during 2018!


Tip 1: Set Aside the Time

You've got the time to write during the day, or just before bed. Or whenever.

If you don't, you're lying to yourself. How do I know?

There are 24 hours in a day, yes?

You should be sleeping about 8 hours a night.

That leaves 16 hours for the rest of the day.

Now, if you're in the workforce, there's 8 of those a day that's taken up with work.

That leaves another 8 hours during the day.

And I know that some of that must to be taken up getting to work, and eating lunch and socializing with friends and cleaning your house.

But what if you set aside one hour every day to write?

Maybe it's on the train as you go to work.

Maybe it's as you wake up in the morning with your coffee.

Maybe it's after the kids are asleep.

You. Can. Make. Time.

Tip 2: Set Up a Tracker

I am a great believer in the word count tracker! Don't believe me?

Check out this one...


Basically, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll see that I love my trackers for making sure I stay on target during the month for my writing projects. Currently, I'm keeping track of edits, so I'm using my editing tracker.

Whatever type or style of tracker you decide to use, make sure you update it as you go, and get that little endorphin spike when you mark something off!

Tip 3: Sit Yo' Ass Down and Write

Yep. To make a writing habit, you have to actually sit down and do it.

Now, I've seen ALL the articles. That all these famous authors had to wear certain sweaters or drink something before they could write each day.

I'm not like that.

That's just procrastination for me. What gets me writing is actually sitting down and writing. 

Now, of course, I have a cup of coffee with me, but I can't function without coffee, ever.

So I have a cup of coffee, I launch Scrivener, on my phone or my computer, and I make the words go on the page.

And sometimes it's shit. And that's okay.

Tip 4: Don't Feel Like it? WRITE ANYWAY

"I have writer's block, I just don't know where to go next in my story."

Write anyway.

"My characters are being naughty and won't tell me what's happening!"

Write anyway.

"I'm exhausted and my brain is fried and I can't think in a straight line."

Write anyway.

"The gremlins under my bed stole all my writing mojo."

Get medicated. AND WRITE ANYWAY.

I know that this is not a popular opinion. I know that I have lost most of you and you don't want to listen to me anymore. Because I've poked at that sensitive place.

Your procrastination.

I'm as guilty as you! I do the exact same thing!

My coffee was wrong this morning, I can't write.

The kids were horrible today, I can't write.

It's too late and I've got to write some stuff for the blog. I can't write.

Some days, I write anyway. Some days I don't.

But I know the real reason I don't write. And I acknowledge that it's not because the circumstances weren't right. It's because I was too lazy.

Recognise this and take ownership. Don't pass off responsibility.

It's not cute, it's not okay, it's your fault. 

And write anyway.

Tip 5: Reward Yourself

It sounds like puppy training doesn't it? Yes! Yes it is!

You are rewarding the good puppy that is you that you've done the right thing and you're writing and doing the thing.

The next day, it will help you do the same thing again!

There you go! My 5 tips! I hope it helps!

Happy Writing!

-Zoe Fleischer

The Ginger Wordsmith