How to Maintain A Writing Habit

So you’ve made your writing habit. You’ve laid out your plan and your trackers and even your alerts on your phone.

But you fell off the wagon. You didn’t write all last week.


Just kidding.  

It’s totally fine. I do it all the time. I don’t write for a couple days and then I get right back to it.  

How do I only go a couple days without writing?  

Because I’ve been writing for so long, going a couple days without creating something feels like not having a cup of coffee or a shower. It’s weird and I feel dirty and wrong.  

Wanna get to that point? Here are my tips on how to get a habit you will ACTUALLY STICK TO!


 Sit Down and Write

Now what you wanted to hear? Too bad.  

I’m gonna go tough love again, because it’s how I roll.  

No one is gonna write this story FOR you.  

There is no Novel Fairy Godmother who willwave her wand and make your manuscript magically appear in front you, perfectly polished and ready for submission. 

And what happens with submission? Are you gonna wish for a fairy godmother after six submissions and give up? 


Here's what you're gonna do.  

You're gonna sit your ass down and write. Every day. 


Don’t Beat Yourself Up When You Don’t Execute

 I know I just did the whole tough love thing, but that's my job. My self-assigned job of kicking your ass. 

That's not your job. 

Your job is to sit your ass down and write.  

And when you don't write at the "perfect" time, you write anyway as soon as you remember.  

And it doesn't have to be perfect.  

It can be on your phone, in your bullet journal, on the back of a fucking NAPKIN. I don't care.  

Just. Write.  

Reward Yourself When You Do

You DID IT! Puppy train your brain and reward yourself.  

Check the box on your tracker.  

If that doesn't do it for you, get a glass of wine.  

Noon and you're not practising to be a wine aunt?  Piece of chocolate!

You're on a diet? REALLY?! You're gonna keep making excuses? Just reward yourself! Cup of coffee, apple, blood of twelve virgins, whatever.

Just make sure to trigger the response in your brain that tells you "GOOD DOGGO!"


Hey! You woke up at 5 am to write before work and guess what? You fell asleep.  

That's okay.

You tried to write before bed and you fell asleep in front of the TV watching Riverdale. 

That's okay.  


You tried to write during your lunch break but that bitch Karen would NOT stop talking to you about her Shit-Tzu and you couldn't get the word count in.

We can just blame Karen here. That's okay.  

Just CHANGE the routine if it doesn't work. And maybe you CAN'T write at the same time every day. Your life is just too fluid and you have to make your writing routine match that.

You know what the best writing routine is?

The one they gets words on the page.  

And ther you have it! Hope it helps!

What's your writing routine? Tell me here, or on Instagram or Facebook! Or get on my email list and send me a message there! I would LOVE to hear from all of you!

Happy Writing! 

-Zoë Fleischer 

The Ginger Wordsmith