Planning for 2018 Pt 2: Daily Planning to Keep You on Track

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So, it's 2018 and you are ready to CRUSH IT with your goals. 

But how?

Make sure to go read the first part of this series here, so you know how to set realistic and smart goals for your 2018 year in your Writer's Bullet Journal.


Tip 1: Set Aside Time to Plan Each Night

Whether you are going to be crazy busy the first few months of the year or it's your slow season, you need to make time to plan each night. 

Knowing what needs to happen each day will keep you on track and the night before you'll have a good picture of what needs to happen the next day.

And my favorite way to do this is in my bullet journal!

Tip 2: Actually Plan

Yeah. You actually have to sit down and plan.

So make that time and then stick to it. Sit down with your bullet journal, after the kids are down for the night before you do your normal nighttime bathroom stuff, and write it all down.

If you're not sure how to plan in a bullet journal, go check out Ryder Carrols original video here.

Then check out my first blog post here, all about my Writer's Bullet Journal here.

Or, if you don't want to read about it, check out my YouTube walkthrough here.

But the big part of sitting down and planning is finding a system that works for you. So, no matter what that looks like, just make sure it happens, every night. And you'll feel better about the next day.

My Planning Routine

The boys are asleep, my husband is probably playing a video game or learning about something on YouTube or Skillshare, and I sit down and figure out my next day. 

I lay out my headers and my time-blocking, which I've been doing for the past couple of months and it's been working really well so far! I add the weather for the next day to that and I have the theme for each day laid out in my header as well. 

The themes are mostly to keep me on track in my business and my blog. If the next day is a day I need to promote a blog post, then most of my social media activity for that day go along that day. For my freelancing, I have specific things I do on each day; client out-reach, client batching, networking and meetings, that sort of thing.

Then I lay out my daily rituals in a checklist and color code the hours in my time block.

Then I migrate the tasks that need to get done from various spreads in my journal and my phone. 

Then I add the tasks that need to get done that day and my cleaning routine for the next day.

This usually takes me about 30 minutes or so to do at night, and I make it special with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.

Pro Tip: Make it a RELAXING time, not a CHORE!

Tip 3: Minimalism is Your Friend

Don't give yourself so many things to do at the beginning of each month or week. If you are completing ONE project each quarter, you are probably going to be on track.

If you aren't on track for your goals if you have one big project each quarter, it's time to reassess your goals and make them into something more attainable.

Each week, give yourself ONE task from that project every couple of days, to give yourself some wiggle room. Maybe even one task a WEEK.

When you accomplish that task, reward yourself! Go get a cup of coffee or some ice cream! Or go play on Pinterest for ten minutes!

Tip 4: Make a Top 3 Every Morning

When you sit down to work every morning, take a look at your task list and make a Top 3! Put it on a post-it and put that on your computer screen, or highlight them in your journal and make sure they get done! Your day is a success if just those THREE get done. 

If one of those things is "Shower" or "Keep Kids Alive" or "Drink Water", PERFECT. THat's how your life has to be.

My current threshold for success or panic is:

1) Is anyone screaming?

2) Is anyone bleeding?

If the answer two EITHER of those questions is "NO", I'm NOT going to stress about it.

Tip 5: Let Some Things Go

You get to the end of the first week, first month, first quarter; and you realize that there is NO WAY you are going to attain this goal.

Guess what.


You changing your goal so that it's more attainable or more manageable IS NOT A FAILURE.

So you can't get your book out for query by the end of the month because it has more holes than you thought.

That's OKAY.

That means you'll be turning in a more polished manuscript, which your agent and your editor will be very grateful for!

So your goal for your blog was a little far-fetched.


You can adjust your goal and make it happen, so when you hit it at the end of the year, you can feel better about how you did with your blogging!


So that's what I've got for you! Make sure to keep adjusting your goals every day this year, making steps forward to have the best year ever!

Happy 2018!

-Zoe Fleischer

The Ginger Wordsmith